How to add search engine synonyms in expertrec

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What are synonyms in search engines?

Imagine your customers are using a site search engine and people are searching for “open source” and there are no docs matching “open source’. But there are documents that contain terms such as “linux”, “drupal” etc..

So now you would want to surface articles containing linux and drupal to come up for queries such as open source. This can be done with the help of the “synonym feature”.

How to add synonyms to expertrec custom search?

  1. Login to your expertrec custom search panel at
  2. Navigate to Search ranking-> Synonyms.
  3. Click on the + button.
  4. Under keyword, enter your target search keyword ( open source).
  5. Under unidirectional synonyms, enter the desired keywords (“linux”, “drupal” etc).
  6. Click on save (✓)
  7. Wait for changes to go live. If in case you have a caching plugin/ software, clear the cache for changes to reflect in search results.

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