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Once you add your website to the Google Search Console, then it may take time to begin its normal working. This is because the Search Console may take some time to gather as well as process the data for the website.

 Google Search ConsoleBut, once Google has processed your website map, it will be visible to you. Now, you can find any query related to data in the Search Console, but not in Google Analytics.

The team of Google Search Console will inform you when your data becomes available for you to see.

Moreover, if you have any intention of associating the website in the Search Console account with Google Analytics, then Google Search Console processing data will come into play.

               Google Search Engine Dashboard

Google has also informed the users on the data anomalies page that blocked resources report present within the Search Console will contain the incorrect data. In case you are not able to see any data for a long time, then you can add and verify the website in the Search Console. This may help in the integration of data from both sources.

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google search console processing data

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