The default drupal, the search is not that great. There could be a lot of reasons why your drupal search is not working. Here are a few simple steps you can take to fix your drupal search not working issue-drupal search not working

Fix your drupal search

  1. Enable search module- Go to extend->search and enable the search module.drupal search not working how to fix
  2. Re-Index Drupal search data– Go to extend->search-> Configure->Indexing progress-> Reindex sitedrupal search not working
  3. Reduce the number of items to index per cron run to 50.drupal search not working
  4. Re-run Cron- Go to home-> Administration->Configuration->System and run crondrupal search not working
  5. Reduce the minimum word length to index to 1.drupal search not working
  6. Increase the weightage to keyword relevance in content ranking-drupal search not working
  7. Use a paid search service-If all the above methods didn’t work, you can choose to opt for a paid search service like expertrec.
    1. Create your drupal custom search from
    2. Download and install google tag manager for drupal from
    3. Enter your google tag manager ID.
    4. Copy your custom search code from and paste it into your google tag manger control panel.
    5. Add

      to your drupal header and click save.

    6. Your new drupal search is up and running now. (more detailed instructions here)
    7. Deactivate the default drupal search engine.drupal search not working

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