Read google custom search api pagination for more information.

If you are a Google Custom Search API user, then you must be knowing that it currently limits its search to 100 results. 

Custom Search Pagination             

Also, you should know about the search control panel which gives you control over the website look. There are also APIs available that support the query parameters for the data pagination.

The Pimcore provides a simplified interface to the Google Custom Search engine. With the help of the Google Custom Search API pagination, you can access the technology behind

                Custom Search API

Furthermore, you also learn how to stylize the Google Custom Search on the website in this way. The pagination numbers are also displayed as square numbers.

Through jQuery, we can also use the Google Custom Search API. The second parameter 0, -1, and 1 is meant for paging. However, since there is no MinItems suboption, you will have to do a little work to know the limit per request.

Check out this link for more information:

You can also create your own custom search engine using Expertrec which is a great alternative

Here are steps to create your own custom search that has no search limits.

  1. Go to expertrec custom search engine.
  2. Enter your website URL.
  3. Enter your website sitemap URL (this ensures all your webpages are crawled correctly).
  4.  Wait for the crawl to complete.
  5. Code to the code section and add it to your website.
  6. Take live.

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I had this issue too and laughed when I found out this was a “feature” instead of a
bug:.Display search results from your Google Custom Search Engine using standard
… The Google Custom Search API currently limits searches to 100 results per…
your site name). paginate – where to place the pagination code in your custom search api pagination … the same concepts are applicable to the Custom Search JSON API. …. Note:
For APIs that support query parameters for data pagination …You could try out using expertrec custom search. The search control panel gives
you fine-grained control over your site search look and feels… Your API key (using the key query parameter). All other query … cx, string, The
custom search engine ID to use for this request. q, string, Query.Pimcore provides a simple interface to the Google Custom Search Engine (Site
Search) which … Setup in CSE Control Panel and Google API Console¶ …. <div
class=”pagination” style=”width:100%”> <div style=”float:left;width:28%”> </div> … With Google Custom Search, you get the technology behind …
Instead, we’ll be building a custom solution using their JSON API to integrate …
with this request “startIndex”: // Starting index, used in pagination }] } … Using the Google Custom Search API via jQuery. … links and the button which we
also unhide, the second parameter 0,-1 and 1 is for paging. There is no ‘MinItems’ suboption, so what is the limit per request? How can I page
through results, say like if I wanted the first 2k images from a … Learn how to stylize Google custom search on your website with … in bold and
the pagination numbers are displayed as square buttons.

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