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voice search not working sky q

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SKY Q is a must-have tool for the ‘Millenials’. With the help of its voice control feature, you can easily search for shows, actors, movies, sporting events, and many more entertainment stuff. Another good news for the Netflix lovers is that it has been integrated into the SKY Q.

                          SKY Q

SKY Q also possesses the ability to look for Netflix movies in the upcoming times by using voice control. As customers, you need to ensure that you know everything about SKY Q.

You will need to learn about its remote control, which involves knowing the process of setting it up, what each button is meant for, and how to use the voice control feature. By possessing a sound idea about all these things, you will also be able to fix any problem related to it. Though there aren’t many problems related to ‘voice not working’


It is great news for the users that the touch remote has improved the voice search on SKY Q. However, at times some of you may experience that voice search not working SKY Q. In such a case, you can take a break and stop pressurizing or overusing the system.

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voice search not working sky q

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