In this article, we will see what settings we can do for your WordPress site to improve your site search performance. The default WordPress search is not that great. Fortunately, you can easily improve your WordPress search with the following search settings. You will need expertrec’s WordPress search plugin to do most of the below-mentioned changes. This article also includes instructions to add expertrec’s custom search engine for wordpress sites.

Instructions to install the search plugin

  1. Download expertrec’s search plugin from here in zip format.
  2. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins-> add new-> Upload the zip file -> install the plugin->Activate pluginwordpress search settings
  3. Now click on the expertrec icon on the left-hand top corner. wordpress search settings
  4. Go to and sign in with your Gmail id.
  5. Enter your website URL and wait for the crawl to complete.
  6. Get your site ID from here and paste in your expertrec plugin page and click save settings.wordpress search settings
  7. Upgrade to a paid plan (begins at 9 USD per month)
  8. That’s it search is live on your WordPress site-wordpress search settings

WordPress search settings

  1. Enable search features -Go to and enable/ disable features such as search suggestions,  recent searches, show images in search.wordpress search settings
  2. Enable or disable search components– You can choose where to search for inside your wordpress website’s content. Go to and enable or disable the list of search components you want to search for.wordpress search settings
  3. Add more URLs to search for – Sometimes you might have a separate blog page that you want to be searched for. You can go to and add more URLs to be searched for-wordpress search settings
  4. Enable PDF/ doc./ Xls files in search-Expertrec,s wordpress plugin has the ability to Go to and choose what types of files you want to show in search results.wordpress search settings
  5. Filter URLs – Don’t want to show certain URL types in search results? go to and all URLs you want to edit wordpress search settings
  6. Set recrawl frequency– Go to and choose how often your wordpress site content has to be crawled.wordpress search settings
  7. Assign search weights- Create your own search ranking algorithm with this feature. Go to search settings
  8. Synonyms– When you track your site search queries and you get to know that people are searching for terms that don’t have text matches. For example, people might be searching for MJ instead of Michael Jackson. You can add MJ as a synonym for Michael Jackson.wordpress search settings
  9. Set up WordPress google analytics search terms tracking– Check out my article here on how to do this. search settings
  10. Turn website recording using Yandex metrica-You can record your wordpress website visitors for free using Yandex metrica to understand user search behavior on your wordpress site. wordpress search settings

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