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Nowadays, most smartphone users are well versed with the voice search feature. Voice search is a revolutionary change that is impacting how people search for online information.

Google Voice Search                                     

It is also an accepted fact that voice search has increased up to 35 times since the year 2008. That is why voice search is one feature which every WordPress website owner wants to implement.

Since Google Voice Search WordPress is a rising trend, so it appears like a complete necessity. Now, you can easily add the voice search capabilities to your WordPress site. 

Google Voice Search Hand-free It is good news that ResponsiveVoice is now available for WordPress. For those who don’t know let me inform you that ResponsiveVoice is the leading HTML5 text for speech synthesis solution.

It is to be realized that the voice search extension allowed the voice search in Google Chrome. There is also a separate reporting for voice search to Google Search Console.

Thus, voice search is a must-have tool for any website owners that are determined to welcome success into their lives!

For more information, check out this video: 

ResponsiveVoice the leading HTML5 text to speech synthesis solution, is now
available for WordPress. Over… ResponsiveVoice 5,000+ active installations …”OK, Google, how can I rank higher in voice search?” That question might have
seemed silly ten years ago, but the era of voice search has arrived, voice search wordpress If you have a smartphone, then you are probably familiar with voice search using
Siri, Google Now, or Cortana. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can … Voice search is changing the way people search online. … Meeker also suggests
that Google voice queries were up 35 times since 2008 and … Voice search optimization is something every WordPress website owner will …
separate reporting for voice search to Google Search Console.The Voice Search extension enabled voice searching in Google Chrome. Now
here I will show you how to enable speech input feature in your WordPress blog … If you have a smartphone then you likely have experience with voice search.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you can bring voice search functionality to … Adding voice search capabilities to your WordPress site is easy with expertrec
custom search engine. Expertrec’s voice search for sites usually … Want your site to rank for Google voice search queries? As voice search gains in
popularity, it’s crucial to optimize your site for Google Voice … How to optimize your WordPress website for voice search. … Whereas, if I ask
Google to search the properties of water, it will become a korero …

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