Wordpress Search Form Action Url

WordPress Search Form Action Url

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Read the wordpress search form action URL for more information.

Custom Wordpres Search Form

Custom WordPress search form can be created by applying two methods. These methods include the use of code and can also work without the use of the code. In case, you are using Timber and WordPress to build a website, then you may feel the need to replace the default search form. You can also extend the WordPress search with the help of an extended search form. This will change search behavior.

        WordPress Logo          

There is also a way to change the WordPress Search Form Action URL of the registration form. There is a query string attached to the registration page to help in redirecting the different registration.

WordPress Search form                   

Now, WordPress will parse the asked URL in a query parameter. This will be done through the direct URL query as example.net.

In case, you leave any of the actions empty, then the form will be submitted to the same page. Lastly, WordPress incorporates the built-in Search function which is made multilingual by the WPML. 

Click on this link to know more: 

For all your search needs, alternatively, you can use WP fastest site search plugin from WordPress plugin by Expertrec

Install Search form on WordPress

  1. Install WP fastest site search plugin from WordPress plugin store.wordpress search not working
  2. Go to https://cse.expertrec.com/newuser?platform=wordpress.
  3. Enter your WordPress website URL and click on next->wordpress search not working
  4. The crawl will start in the background.wordpress search not working
  5. Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  6. In your left panel you must be able to see expertrec’s WordPress plugin, click on that. wordpress search not working
  7. Get your site ID (or) API key from your expertrec control panel ( here ).wordpress search not working
  8. Copy-paste your site id in your WordPress control panel and click on save changes.wordpress search not working
  9. Make sure you have upgraded to a paid plan before 15 days of free trial. (Price begins at 9 USD per month)
  10. That’s it! Your brand new WordPress search is up and running! Here are snapshots of the search form and the search results pages.
  11. Snapshot of your WordPress search autocomplete.wordpress search not working
  12. Snapshot of your WordPress search results page.wordpress search not working
  13. Snapshot of your WordPress search spelling error tolerance feature.wordpress search not working
  14. If the plugin method didn’t work, you can add the code from https://cse.expertrec.com/csedashboard/home/code and add it to your wordpress PHP code. Please note that you have to add separately the code <ci-search></ci-search> to a place where you want the search box to appear ( Tip!- Contact our support team to get this done). There might be a one-time fee for integration.
    (function() {
    var id = 'your_api_key';
    var ci_search = document.createElement('script');
    ci_search.type = 'text/javascript';
    ci_search.async = true;
    ci_search.src = 'https://cse.expertrec.com/api/js/ci_common.js?id=' + id;
    var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
    s.parentNode.insertBefore(ci_search, s);

    wordpress search not working

Add great search to your wordpress site at 9 USD per month

If you don’t already have a WordPress search box on your website you can add a custom search filter. The search box (bar) can be added in various places like the header directly or in the menu. Get the  WordPress search box in menu plugin.

Ecommerce sites have multiple products in different categories. The search should enable users to search categories and also provide the option to limit search results to categories. Custom search filter also gives the option to filter your search according to categories. You can create a custom search form using search form short code. Here is more information on WordPress search form PHP code. Looking for WordPress custom search page.



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