Importance of Synonyms in eCommerce Site Search

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An efficient site search feature on an e-commerce platform is among the top must-haves for a successful eCommerce business. It increases click-through rates and boosts the conversion rate on any eCommerce platform. You want to see search results that are not solely based on what you typed in the search bar. This is one reason I love Jumia. You can never search for a product and not get blown away by the search results. Organizations are beginning to invest more in search site features, seeing how it invariably affects if a sale can push through. Well, an efficient eCommerce search site can’t be achieved without putting synonyms in the picture. Synonyms are the brains behind searching for t-shirts, and you end up seeing all kinds of shirts. Its Importance cannot be over-emphasized.

The data consumers input into your e-commerce search site can also give you access to their behavioral patterns. If used properly, this data can increase customer retention and conversions. A powerful synonym feature attached to your eCommerce site search is undisputedly among the most important factors to consider if you want to increase sales. It provides a faster and more enjoyable shopping experience on your eCommerce search.
This is equivalent to showing your walk-in customer in your physical store different brands, designs, and products that are closely similar or can replace what they are looking for. More times than not, they end up vying away from the original item they had in mind or purchasing more than they budgeted for.

What are synonyms?

Synonyms are words with the same or very close meaning to each other. In this context, it is used for search results on an eCommerce website. For instance, if you search for balloons, results related to decorations and celebrations will be displayed. Your consumers don’t know the industry terms associated with most of your products. So being able to decode what they want even when the spelling might be wrong is why synonyms are very important.

Why Synonyms?

Say you have an online store that displays only keywords for balloons instead of including other relevant things associated with balloons. Your customers might end up not purchasing anything. Consumers want to believe you know what they are looking for or can predict what they want. Let’s say you walk into a store to purchase a Nivea deodorant. A good sales rep understands you need a body spray and will do well to show you the different body sprays and deodorants they have available. She can then market them on how long they would last, known brands, and efficiency. Now you came to buy Nivea specifically, but you saw different types of body spray and deodorant and might purchase more than one of those products. This is exactly what synonyms do for an eCommerce search site. It gives users options while putting some factors into consideration. Like mistyped words, incorrect spellings, autocomplete, etc. Read more on how to target sales and marketing. And let’s look into the significance of synonyms in the eCommerce search site.

Significance of Synonyms

  • Improves overall search performance
  • Optimizes search data and saves it for future use
  • Increases searching speed
  • It makes shopping easy and faster.
  • Boosts brand image, as first-time visitors or shoppers would be impressed
  • It walks hand in hand with SEO optimization, promoting visibility and click-through rate conversions
  • Increases customer retention. Your customers feel at home and can browse as much as they want because it’s easier and faster.

Now we’ve seen how crucial synonyms are to our eCommerce websites and how an efficient search bar feature increases sales figures in an eCommerce system. So next, we are exploring the general importance of a good synonym-based functional eCommerce search site.

Benefits of an efficient synonym eCommerce search site

1. Consumers that use the search site already know what they want to purchase.

An efficient synonym feature embedded on the search site maximizes every product click. A high CTR (click-through rate) equals a high conversion rate.

2. Reduces zero search results

10-15% of searches output a zero result page. Most times, because of misspellings or the processor not recognizing the word. Efficient synonyms help to display similar words related to the original searched product, thereby reducing the occurrence of zero result pages.

3. Promotes branding

Better consumer experience has always been the number game changer for customer retention. Synonyms play a big role in making your users enjoy their shopping experience, giving you an edge over competitors.

4. Increase in site usage and return visits

Well, this is me. If I use your search site and it is efficient enough to make me spend time browsing, you have landed a new customer.

5. Increases Site usability

The auto-complete and auto-correct options ensure you don’t leave any intended customer behind.

6. Facilitates a high conversion rate and return visits.

For insights on that, please check out how to turn your eCommerce search bar into a sales tool. Okay, we are almost at the end of this article. But before we go, let’s look at some bonus points.

Bonus Point: eCommerce search bar optimization methods

  • Use a simple standard search Bar
  • Ensure your search bar is placed strategically to be easily found. The top of the page is your best bet
  • Include navigation texts at the search bar. This will help guide your users using the search bar for better results. For example, texts like search for products
  • Auto-complete and auto-correct are life jackets to your search bar
  • Don’t forget filtering and sorting
  • Make your display results easy to understand
  • Add other accessibility features like voice prompt
  • Be smart with your keywords and product suggestions. Both should be interwoven
  • Display search history and ensure the search bar is located on every page
  • Improving your eCommerce search bar.


Synonyms are life savers in our everyday use of English because they are always better ways to use words to drive a certain point home. The Importance of a functional and efficient eCommerce search to your online business cannot be over-emphasized. Adding synonyms to your search result shows that you are ready for business. According to research 50% and above of consumers who use the search button converted. Apparently, companies were not aware of this fact, as they are now striving to invest more in search sites. See, the field is very ripe for harvesting. Don’t sleep on your business. Expertrec offers one of the best search engine features for your online store.

Thanks for reading!

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