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Vivaldi is a new browser with very good customization and control. With the help of it, you can add as well as manage the custom search engines. Apart from this, you can also customize the use of the search engine nicknames.


But, lately, people have a problem accessing the Vivaldi Google Voice Search. Most have made a complaint that when they click on the mic icon, it shows ‘No Internet Connection’. 

According to many predictions that have been made 50% of the searches will take place through voice searches by 2020. This is why many users and companies are attaching much value to the voice search option.

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Most users do actions like search directions, create reminders with the help of their voice. Also, if you want to confirm that there is rain in the weather forecast, then you have to say OK Google. Many people have also found with time that it has become easier for them to search for their favourite website by using Vivaldi. 

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One of my only real issues with vivaldi is not having access to the google voice
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voice-first or voice-only, Algolia adds value through search on Alexa, Google … The “conversational search” feature that Google demoed at I/O is now available
with version 27 of Chrome, which lets you use your voice to … Description of the issue At clicking on the Voice Search Icon
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avid promoter of open source and the voice of The Android Expert.You can use your voice to do actions like search, get directions, and create
reminders. For example, to see if there’s rain in the weather forecast, say, “Ok
Google … Searching your favorite website just got easier with Vivaldi, where you can … you
run a search in your web browser, you take the Google route. Google asked rival browser Vivaldi to add uninstall instructions on its website …
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