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CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC (Model View Controller) framework for application development, which has numerous online libraries to connect the database and perform various search-related functions.

advanced search using codeigniter

Using the Advanced search Codeigniter means to search in multiple tables quickly and cleanly. The methodology to be used for this is as follows-

Steps to advanced search using Codeigniter

  1.  Create a database and import tables as per your choice.
  2.  Then, create views and put union inside views.
  3.  In CodeIgniter controller; create two functions- search function to check if input sent and the second function is paginate_view function to generate pagination list of search result and also saves the keyword in the session to highlight search keyword in results. In this model, we also have a search_view function to search the keyword and search_counter function used to count the results we will use in pagination.
  4.  The result should be available in your list result.php file.

This is how does CodeIgniter works and how to implement a search in CodeIgniter.

Add Search to your website

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