Search by default is optimized for the general population.  Where in everything they type is consumed by the search and it retrieves and presents the results that it thinks is most relevant to the user.  Sometimes, people are advanced users, and they are used to boolean arithmetic.  If you want to precisely control how the results are retrieved, you can use this option.

Expertrec Custom Search engine lets you search semantically if you enable advanced search options under  UI Customisation -> features -> Advanced Search in the Expertrec control panel.

This will make search to be aware of words and, or, not, etc.  Now, these words will be treated as regular boolean operators. Search like florida and beach will gives results having both the words “florida”  and “beach”.  It will not look for the word “and”.

If you search for florida and palm beach all results will have word “florida”,  and “palm”  but word beach”  is optional and results with beach will come first followed by pages not having beach. If the user wants “florida” and “palm beach” to be definitely present, then the query can be formed as florida and "palm beach".  Note the quotes.  Quotes treats multiple words in the query as a phrase.  For search query florida and beach not sandy results will not be having “sandy” but will contain “florida” and “beach“.

If this option is enabled, then the search will we strict.  Partial match and typo tolerance will not work. Hence, even though you enable this option in the control panel, the end-user will get the option to use advanced search or not.  Typically developers prefer this type of boolean searches.  Enable this feature if you think your target audience is technical.

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