Expertrec Custom Search engine lets you search semantically if you enable advanced search option under  UI Customisation -> features -> Advance Search in the Expertrec control panel.

This will enable search to be aware of words and, or, not etc this will make search more powerful. So if this option enabled then search like florida and beach will gives results having both word “florida” , “beach”. 

So what if the query is florida and palm beach in such case all results will have word “florida”, “palm”  but word beach”  will be search as a normal search so pages having all three world will come followed by pages having “florida”  and “palm”. If the user wants “florida” and “palm beach” then the query can be formed as florida and "palm beach". For search query florida and beach not sandy results will filter out pages having “sandy” from pages contain “florida” and “beach“.


Another thing to keep in mind if this option is enabled then the search will we strict that means partial match and typo tolerance will not work which may degrade the user experience. We want the regular search also to be made available for the simpler use cases, and currently, the end user will get the option to use advanced search or not if it is enabled in control panel. 

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