How to Implement Voice Search on Websites?

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Website search is an essential part of any Ecommerce site, and Voice search is an advanced version of it. Voice search takes the search experience of users to the next level, as it allows them to search for any information or products by using their voice, and they don’t have to type out their queries. Voice search can be implemented by using AI speech recognition features. As voice search can reduce the work of users, it is getting popular because of its convenience and access. Voice search can help gain more users to your website, as it helps users get relevant search results easily, and there is no concern related to typing errors or spelling errors.

Now you may wonder how to add voice search to your website, because surely and quickly it is becoming the trend, and people are getting adapted to it. So, here are the steps you can follow to implement speech recognition on your e-commerce site.

  • HTML5 speech recognition API can be used for speech recognition purposes, you can use it by adding x-WebKit speech to make sure voice recognition works, but this may not give the best results. However, you can use it by adding JavaScript API which will help to drive any fields toward the track of voice recognition.
  • You can also make use of CSS, Javascript, and input buttons that are necessary to form a code and have a microphone icon that indicates voice search on your website.

This way you can activate voice search on your website which will guarantee a better response from users as this is preferred by many.

Advantages of Voice Search

There are many advantages of voice recognition in search, and that’s the reason why it is trending and used by so many Ecommerce businesses.

  • It Helps Your Customers Get a Quicker Response to Their Queries

There is no doubt that voice search is faster than in-built search where the users have to type out their requirements. Studies suggest that voice search is about 4 times faster than the average speed of typing.

  • Gives Better Access to a Wider Audience

Voice search helps people of any age group to get relevant results for their queries but it is most beneficial to elderly customers who find it difficult to type out their requirements. At the same time, people with disabilities can use this feature, as they don’t have to type anything that might be uncomfortable for them.

  • Voice Search Supports More Than Two Languages

It is possible that users are not fluent in one language, so they can use their preferred language to search on websites. Language doesn’t work as a barrier to voice recognition, and this can help more users to get their desired results from the website.

  • Drives More Traffic

The users using the voice search feature will open the website to look at the details listed for the product if they are satisfied with the search results. So, if you implement voice search on your website, it can help you to expose your business to a wider range of customers, and that helps to increase sales than before.

  • Hands-off Feature

For a few devices, you don’t even have to touch your phone to use the voice search feature, as it offers a hands-off facility. This gives customers extra ease and comfort that they may not get with the conventional search option.

What are the Benefits of Voice Search Optimization?

  • Offers A Better Customer Experience

The most important thing about any business is the customers and their satisfaction. Voice search has been proven to be an effective way for a business to be relevant to its target customers. Improving your relationship with customers is a never-ending goal. Voice search optimization helps you to provide a personalized experience to individual users, and that in turn helps to establish a long-lasting bond with customers. Better customer experience help you to gain their loyalty and repeat customers.

  • More Traffic for Your E-Commerce Business

Research suggests that voice search has effectively helped E-commerce sites to gain more traffic because customers prefer this technology, and tend to visit the website more since they have fewer jobs to do, and can get what they desire quickly. Researchers have claimed that about 70% of customers have shown a preference for voice search over any other search type. If your voice search is well-optimized it would lead to more people visiting your page. Your E-commerce website is more likely to appear at the top of the search page if it is well-optimized.

  • You can be a Step Ahead of Your Competitors

Even though your loyal customers are going to stay with you forever, however, with the ever-growing competition, it is not easy to maintain your position if you are not constantly developing your site, and offering customers the best experience. Voice search optimization hasn’t been embraced by many as of now, so it is surely an added benefit for you if you have this technology.

How to Use Voice Search in E-commerce?

Using voice search in your E-commerce store means you’re allowing the customers to search for anything on your website without manually typing them, but just by voicing their requirements out. Voice search mainly makes use of AI voice recognition technology to let people search for the things they want in a hassle-free manner. There is a microphone icon that indicates the voice search, and the customers can just click on it to search for what they are looking for. Voice search is primarily used to reduce the possible errors that may happen with a manual search. While typing, customers may not know the exact term used for an item or make a spelling error unknowingly, and even though most of the search engines have auto-correct features, there still lies a chance of not getting the desired results when it comes to searching by manual typing. Voice search helps to get rid of these problems giving the customers a better overall experience.


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