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Adding voice command recognition to any website or application makes it more user-friendly and interactive. By adding voice search HTML code to a website, users are allowed to make their search requests instantly without the need of having any experience of touch typing. Also, browsers do not take much longer to comprehend the commands so it saves a lot of time.

Due to its simplicity and ease of use, Google also included a search text box that has a voice command recognition feature in it. It helps users in speaking long phrases and tough words for input commands, rather than typing them. A microphone image can be inserted into the search box by using a simple CSS code with Javascript and input buttons in the form code for voice recognition.

Voice search HTML code is now being widely implemented after smartphones became the most commonly used device. Developers who already know the HTML5 speech recognition API can easily add the attribute ‘x-WebKit speech’ to any form fields and enable voice command recognition. One can also add the Javascript API to drive any form fields on to the path of voice recognition.

Learn more about adding voice recognition to your site in the video.

Click the icon, say something and your voice is quickly transcribed into words. …
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code up too – you can swipe it from the bottom of this article.voice search html code Want your site to rank for Google voice search queries? As voice search gains in
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in images – make sure it’s available as plain old HTML. Google search text box has a voice recognition feature which is very helpful for
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However, because final text never changes, we’ve made the code here a bit … This tutorial shows how to add voice recognition to your website in under 2
minutes! Just add x-webkit-speech to your text input field in a html … Spakable structured data now available for voice search in US News Services …
<code><html> <head> <title>Technical implementation of … Voice search is becoming a popular way for people to engage with the … is a
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want to automatically submit a form after speech input : HTML.

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