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The 4G and VoLTE-enabled JIO phone of Reliance which was introduced in 2017 in India has empowered the phone users with some amazing features. Along with fast Internet speed and other smartphone features, the company has also added a voice assistant to its MyJio app for its Android phones. The feature phone offers a special edition of Google Voice Assistant in its JIO phones.

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The Google voice search app for JIO phone has been optimized for JIO Phone and can perform all actions such as to send SMS, deliver search results, make calls, etc. The built-in app performs the tasks commanded in English as well as Hindi and offers an intuitive voice-based interface. It allows the JIO phone users to interact with the Google Assistant with their natural voice to follow the commands.

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Google Assistant is basically an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant primarily available on smartphones and smart home devices. With it, the average class phone users can now enjoy all the features of a smartphone using their JIO phones in very low budgets too. Users can access all the applications including WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube, etc. with the assistance of their Google voice search app for JIO phone.

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google voice search app for jio phone

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