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The Best eCommerce Forums to Follow

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One is not born with business tricks, we acquire them from our environment along with the trials and errors we encounter. As we need a friend to talk to when we need any help, there are online communities to help you with your business too.

Why should you join eCommerce forums?

Enhance Business Knowledge

All planning of business starts from market research and if the foundation is wrong, there might be future troubles. From webpage building to product description, optimizing performance, cybersecurity, payment gateway, etc., there are a lot of things to consider while taking decisions. To ensure you are on the right track, it is important to join the eCommerce forums and get expert help from there.

In these forums, you can post your questions, see what other people are talking about, calculate market risks, or see a review that will stop you from investing in something bad, that you were about to do. You need to always check these forums for a better understanding of the market to get the most out of it.

Promote Your Business

Since these forums are full of store owners, experts, and business enthusiasts, it is the perfect opportunity for you to improve your digital presence using social media strength. You can find potential clients or business partners through these forums as well.

There is another perk as well. You can add potential customers and grow your email list which will come in handy in your email marketing and improve your conversion rate.

This article focuses to narrow down the long list of forums available online for you so that you can follow only the necessary ones and get benefited from them.

Forums Focusing on eCommerce

Digital Point eCommerce Forum

It is one of the biggest forums in the world and is full of resources. Mainly you can see users’ posts where they are talking about upscaling their business or finding solutions to their issues. So it is real-time data about what is happening in the market.

eCommerce Fuel Forum

Similar to the previous one, this forum also focuses on upgrading their business and talking about problems. Mainly it is focused on the big earning companies so being an experienced seller will make you enjoy its perks to the fullest. This forum has a membership plan of $99 per month and new users can get it for $1 in their free trial. But again, it is not focused on small business owners so keep that in mind while using this forum.

Shopify eCommerce Forum

Whether you use Shopify or not, it is worth trying since you can get people to rate your site, and find threads about dropshipping, crowdfunding, eCommerce marketing, and manufacturing as well that are relevant especially if you are a newbie. It is free but to send messages to group members or join private forums, you need to have a premium membership.

eCommerce Growth Hacks

Created by LitExtentsion (the #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert), it is a Facebook community. Here veteran business experts with 11 years of experience share their knowledge in the online selling field. They host a free webinar once a month with experts to share their genius with the users. The forum is also free and has no restrictions in terms of business titles or annual revenue.

Reddit eCommerce Section

It is a tough one to handle since your question might get unanswered. Make sure to come up with proper questions which do not sound spam so that you can get upvotes. The more upvote you get, the higher the chances are that users will reply to you.


This site is really helpful as they have blogs on inspirations, strategies, and updates. You just have to follow their social media handles and subscribe to their newsletters.

Web Pro World eCommerce Discussion Forum

This community is also active and it allows you to talk about areas like eCommerce platforms, email marketing, and payment processors. It is a good community since the answer flow to questions is fast and the spams are very less due to the good moderating of the site.

Other than these you can also follow the Reddit WordPress section, Small Business Computing, UK business forums, etc.

Forums for Online Marketing

Warrior Forums

This forum is really helpful for everyone looking for online marketing strategies. Even if you want to know some basics like how to expand the reach of your website, or simply want to know more about online marketing, SEO, PPC marketing, growth hacking, social media, email marketing, etc., this is the right place for you as they have very resourceful threads going on.

Digital Point

Other than the eCommerce forum, in this community, you can find very relevant and active threads regarding online marketing. All the threads are very detailed and broken into subparts so it will be very helpful for you to understand the whole topic.

More forums that you can follow- Rise forums, Click Newz forums, Webmaster Sun, wicked fire, etc.

Forums for Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ from Digital Point

Digital Point has forums for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ where people discuss social media marketing strategies and find solutions to their problems.

Fresh Marketing Forum

The social page among the other eCommerce forums is really active for this site and has multiple threads about building Facebook followers, social media engagements, etc.

Here are some other forums that you can follow- Social Media Examiner, Fresh Marketing Forum, Warrior Forum (Social Media section), Social Media World forum, etc.

Forums for UX

UX Mastery Forums

It is made for eCommerce developers who want to customize their whole site. You can find threads about the processes and techniques and even careers. If you are a UX user, you must join this forum.

Wrapping Up

Learning is an activity that never ceases. In the world of Business and Technology, it is always necessary to always learn and be up-to-date about the latest market trends. Active eCommerce Forums have a very significant role in growing your business, so if you are not in these communities, join fast!


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