eCommerce Search Conversion Rate

eCommerce Search Conversion Rate

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Read this blog on the eCommerce search conversion rate for more information.

eCommerce Search Conversion Rate

In any eCommerce website, there is no one tool that is more important than the search bar that helps in sales. The real truth is that many eCommerce websites have been trying to get the secret sauce that drives great search experiences on Google. But hardly a few eCommerce websites (including Amazon) have been able to get their search to Google’s level. Statistics have shown a high correlation between people who search and people who buy. This gives a great reason to optimize your eCommerce search engine. To be concise, the search bar is the eye of an eCommerce website.
ecommerce search conversion rate

The first step before venturing out to build an eCommerce search engine is to have a product feed. A product feed has details about a product such as product name, description, price, category, in stock or Out of stock, product image, thumbnail. It is desirable that this product feed is available in JSON and XML format and is available as a real-time endpoint. This will be helpful in syncing with the search engine in real-time.

Studies by Baymard have found that most users prefer to search over navigation to find the product they are looking for. They further found that users are likely to quit if the first search results do not contain what they are looking for under the assumption that you do not sell it. This makes it essential that you have a top-notch search engine on your website so that you do not miss out on conversions. The eCommerce search conversion rate improves drastically with the quality of the search engine.

Here are some features that your eCommerce search engine should have:

  1. Autocomplete.
  2. Spell correct.
  3. Search autocomplete and search results page front end User interface.
  4. Recent, trending searches.
  5. Multi-device responsiveness.
  6. A real-time product feed.
  7. Search A/B testing.
  8. Categories, facets, and filters.
  9. Sort by functionality( sort by relevance, sort by price, etc).
  10. Price filter or slider.
  11. NLP (natural language processing).
  12. Pagination/ Infinite scroll.
  13. Product feed Indexing.
  14. Synonyms.
  15. Product promotion mechanism.
  16. Out of stock handling.
  17. Personalization.
  18. Search analytics.
  19. Rule engine.
  20. Search landing page creator.

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