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If customers didn’t have the opportunity to seek something, it wouldn’t be sold. It will be too frustrating to search aimlessly on a big website for the thing you want. Expertrec and Searchspring can be of assistance in this matter. They carefully inspect each of your products to better understand, and categorize them, so that they can always provide your clients with the most accurate search results.

An increase in relevance leads to higher levels of engagement, and revenue for your website. Expertrec and Searchspring have their functions ready to do these hefty works within seconds. All you need is to pay and install their programs on your website. But there is always a concern about the budget. Let’s now check out their pricing, and choose which one to use for your website.

SearchSpring vs. Expertrec: The Pricing


Retailers looking to improve autocomplete, web search, and search branding can do so starting at $499/month. Retailers with more complicated requirements may utilize more of the entire platform, encompassing features like department merchandising, routing, assisted selling/product finders, and personalization.

There are 3 price categories for Searchspring, ranging from $599 to $999 per month. You have to decide which version and features best suit your requirements and pricing range, and purchase that plan.


If you are struggling with engagement on your e-commerce site, Expertrec’s Smart Search Engine is ready to help you with that. Get more than just a search engine; Expertrec is packed with helpful features that are easy for both you and your visitors to use.

Expertrec offers trial and premium subscriptions with prices starting at just $25 per month. You may sign up for a trial to try the program before buying a premium subscription.

Expertrec’s Value For Money Features

  • Quick Search Outcomes

The search results from Expertrec load in only a few milliseconds, providing consumers with a speedy and seamless search experience.

  • Say NO to Ads!

Simply said, Expertrec doesn’t display advertisements in their search engine results. It promises ad-free search results.

  • Easy Installation

Setting up a live search on your website takes five minutes. Just create a search bar, and add the code according to the instructions to make it active.

  • Thirty or more Languages Available for Search

Nowadays it is important for a website to be multilingual. It can be done easily by Expertrec’s multilingual search. More than 30 languages are supported by Expertrec.

  • Voice Search

It enables people to search for material without typing, and add voice search to your website.

  • Machine Learning algorithms

Expertrec leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand the relationship between user queries and content relevance. By continuously learning from user interactions and feedback, the system adapts and improves search result rankings over time.

  • Personalized results

Expertrec employs collaborative filtering techniques to analyze the behaviour of similar users. By identifying patterns and commonalities among users with similar interests, Expertrec can recommend relevant search results based on the preferences of similar individuals.

  • NLP

Expertrec employs NLP algorithms to understand and interpret user queries more effectively. It analyzes the structure, context, and semantics of the query to grasp the user’s intent and deliver more accurate search results. This helps in handling variations in user queries, understanding synonyms, and addressing spelling errors or typos. Expertrec utilizes language models to generate search suggestions, autocomplete predictions, and related query recommendations. By leveraging NLP techniques, Expertrec can offer real-time suggestions to users as they type, enhancing the search experience and guiding users towards relevant content.

Searchspring’s Value For Money Features

  • Intelligent Search Bar

With the aid of SearchSpring’s intelligent search bar, online buyers can more precisely define their needs, identify the precise products they are looking for, and locate them with a few simple clicks. On PCs and mobile devices, the program offers a beautiful and fluid search experience.

  • Finding Precise Items

Many internet buyers do product-specific searches by entering pertinent information. They look for, and purchase products based on certain criteria and qualities. Online searchers can use SearchSpring’s searchable fields to assist in accomplishing this endeavour. All of the details pertaining to a certain item are contained in search boxes. These fields may be defined and set up on e-commerce sites so that online buyers can quickly locate the precise product details and information that is important to them.

  • NLP Capabilities

The NLP capabilities of SearchSpring enable it to record the search context and purpose of each query performed by online shoppers. The program can analyze the semantic meaning of search queries automatically thanks to this functionality. As a consequence, the program can read complex characters, find measures, and sort items according to their type.

  • The Product Awareness Feature

Owners of e-commerce businesses must have a thorough understanding of the items that appear in search results in order to provide online consumers with appropriate search results. They can examine product information using SearchSpring’s product awareness feature, which makes it easier for them to comprehend an item’s traits, features, utilization, category, and other aspects.

The Advantages of Expertrec

  • The program is really easy to set up and use. It has shown to be dependable, and the support team is kind and responsive.
  • The finest aspect is that the advanced search results may have their filter capabilities customized, and are shown as an overlay without requiring a page reload.
  • Many customers have praised their product and support.
  • It is a well-liked program mainly because it can easily search across several websites, and is able to make searching simple.
  • This search engine gives consumers what they need without investing costs for in-house development or maintaining an in-house database. You are able to set up and verify the code really quickly because it was so easy to write. The support team is always ready to provide guidance if needed.

The Benefits of Searchspring

  • SearchSpring can pull in products that match specific terms, depending on the changes you make in their dashboard.
  • SearchSpring can change the item’s main image to match the search phrase, such as changing the colour.
  • SearchSpring’s search tweaks let you fix errors, and misspellings in the search field.
  • Ability to personalize search results pages by adding banners, or other visual inventiveness based on certain searches.
  • Makes it possible to quickly identify products that are on sale, featured or the ones which are eligible for free delivery.

Assess on the Basis of Your Need

The costs associated with each of them are not only determined by the number of features and associated advantages. There are further contributing elements as well. One service can be excellent compared to the other, but it might not suit your needs. It’s important to focus on your needs first. By doing that, you can decide to independently assess each of these and their characteristics, to choose which one more effectively and hassle-free matches your needs.


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