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Searchanise helps shoppers to narrow down the query from the search box, guided by Searchanise’s autocomplete, suggestions as well as instant results. The app also filters with facets so that the buyers don’t have to go anywhere after the first results page.

The app is an all-in-one filter for products and search solutions which helps to improve the conversion rate of the store and its products.

The app offers smart site search options as well as instant search and other tools for business growth like analytics, labels as well as product merchandising.

Searchanise can also influence purchases with product recommendations. You can also find out what your site visitors search for and add those products to the catalogue.

The Searchanise app is available on sites and platforms like

  • Shopify,
  • BigCommerce,
  • Woocommerce,
  • Magento,
  • CS-Cart, and,
  • WiX.

But, What Are the Problems That Searchanise Users Face?

Business owners like Chris A say that the app made his site fail a lot of performance tests because of the way it loads and there was an unwillingness to fix the tool which would then fix certain things. This was a serious performance flaw.

Similarly, Anthony L., who is a director of Ecommerce says that the cost was a bit excessive and felt that the cost recurring should have been an annual fee. Also, there could have been working done on the widget, he said, like ordering the result showing up in the dropdown menus instant search.

What are the Alternatives to Searchanise?

1. Expertrec

Expertrec is the best alternative for Searchanise and for business owners who want to provide site visitors with an easier and simpler search experience over other generated sites. It also loads search results in milliseconds, along with advertisement-free search sections for premium focus for the site viewers. It also has a language search option providing over thirty language options, while Searchanise has lesser language options.

Searchanise also primarily focuses on maximum sales for e-commerce sites.
Both of them have functions like,

  • Integration application.
  • Autocomplete on.
  • Customizing.
  • Filtering search results.
  • Indexing.
  • Multiplatform availability.
  • Multilingual search.
  • Search relevancy.
  • Personalized search results
  • NLP
  • Banners in search results

Expertrec has an upper hand in Machine Learning, which Searchanise doesn’t provide.
Searchanise seems to only provide online support, while Expertrec provides online support, Business Hours Support, and 24*7 live rep support.

While Searchanise can be integrated into Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, and Shopify Plus, Expertrec integrates into WordPress as well as Shopify, Drupal, and Joomla.
Expertrec also boasts of an 88% SW Score, whereas Searchanise boasts 85%.

2. AddSearch

Founded in 2013, the app offers hosting on platforms like Saas/Web, just like Searchanise. However, in terms of audience, Addsearch supports,

  • Media.
  • Government and Educational Sector.
  • Telecommunication.
  • Banking sector.
  • Healthcare, and,
  • Ecommerce platforms.

While Searchanise is specifically built for an audience for ecommerce stores that want a strong functionality of search power.

Along with that, in terms of support, AddSearch provides support –

  • Online.
  • During working hours.
  • All round live support.

While Searchanise only provides online support.
Addsearch also provides training via,

  • Live online sessions.
  • In-person.
  • Through webinars, and,
  • Via documentation.

Searchanise only order provides training via documentation.
Addsearch also gets a five-star rating for ease, a four-point five stars for features and design, and five stars for support.

3. Algolia

The platform is a site search hosting platform providing a frictionless and hindrance-free experience on many devices.

Whereas Searchanise focuses on maximizing sales with relevant search results on pages.
Both of them have functions like,

  • Integration of application.
  • Autocomplete mode.
  • Customization.
  • Search results with usage of the filter.
  • Indexing.
  • Multiplatform availability.
  • Multilingual search options.
  • Relevancy of searches.
  • Text analytics.

What Algolia seems to have an upper hand in is Machine Learning, which Searchanise doesn’t provide.

While Algolia provides both Business Hours and Online support, Searchanise seems to only provide online support. Algolia also provides quotation-based prices.

4. Datafari

The site has numerous data connectors and an architectural pattern having huge data. It also uses advanced Machine Learning, which Searchanise lacks, and also does simplification of search results by having Smart Autocomplete. Having a very responsive user interface, and adaptive quality, the site also becomes very customizable.

Datafari also has online, 24*7 live support as well as business hours support. It also has a quotation-based price.

Both Datafari and merchandise have the same SW score percentage.

5. Luigi’s Box

Another great alternative to Searchanise, if your main aim is not to drive more sales is Luigi’s box.

It is mostly for companies looking for engaging customers- both new and old because Searchanise is for ecommerce stores that want or need powerful functionality for searching.
Another advantage of the site is that it provides categories apart from ecommerce merchandising like,

  • Web Analytics.
  • Site searching.
  • Enterprise Searching.
  • Ecommerce tools and search.
  • Recommended APIs and engines.
  • Web analysis.

Searchanise only provides e-commerce searches.

Luigi’s Box also provides training through documentation, personal and live online sessions whereas Searchanise provides training only through the documentation process.

Luigi’s box also gets a perfect overall rating too.

Final Thoughts

If your primary aim is to engage customers, you can check out Luigi’s Box, Expertrec, and others mentioned here. Searchanise primarily focuses on powerful search functions but if you already have that, and want to work on search result simplification, Datafari is the one you should be looking at. If you want to attract customers globally and keep them hooked, Expertrec will work for you. It provides machine learning important for multilingual support as well as better support options. On the other hand, if you want to know what the visitors search for and mould it accordingly to modify the search results page, Searchanise is a great option. If you want ease and great support, you should look into AddSearch.


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