Google Custom Search Language Parameter

Google Custom Search Language Parameter

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The language of your search engine also boosts results in that language; however, it does not filter out results in other languages. For example, if you selected Chinese as your search engine language, Chinese webpages will be given higher priority over English webpages in the search results.

Google Custom Search Language Parameter

You can define the language either in the control panel or the context file. In the Basics tab of the control panel, you select the language from the Search engine language drop-down list. In the context file, you define the value of the language attribute of the CustomSearchEngine element.
The cse.list method returns metadata about the search performed, metadata about the custom search engine used for the search, and the search results.This method requires three query parameters:

  • The search engine to use in your request (using the cx query parameter)
  • The search terms for in this request (using the q query parameter).
  • Your API key (using the key query parameter)


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