Multilingual Search Support for Your Store With Expertrec?

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Nowadays almost the whole world uses the internet as a medium for communication or other purposes. A result of this can be the globalization of the world market. eCommerce is now one of the most benefited industries from this as the global audience can have access to not only the local but the global products that were not easy to access. But with this comes the biggest question, will people from the whole world be your customer? The answer is yes. But, for that, you need to make them feel comfortable with your site. If you go to a local store, they answer your queries in your language. That is why it can attract customers from all age groups. Setting up your online store in a way to provide a good user experience (UX) is essential for that. Multilingual search support can be a great tool to add to that. Let’s get into the details to see how it can benefit you as a business owner.

Why Multilingual Search Support is Needed?

E-commerce is a vast field that encapsulates a lot of websites and a lot of information and more importantly many types of people. Because it is such a global phenomenon, your website needs a search option that provides you with various languages so that it can reach out to every single person visiting your page. After all, the majority of customers from around the globe do not speak English and they would probably prefer the site to be in their mother tongue instead of anything foreign. It needs multilingual search to make them feel more comfortable and flexible with the search terms. It is a win-win situation for both the customers and you.

Benefits Of Multilingual Search:

1. Customer Loyalty and Retention:
Many people feel comfortable in their own language and it is proven that over 70% of customers become loyal to the brand if the company offers search facilities in their native language, as they don’t get many companies on whom they can rely for that. Since 67% of the people switch when the company doesn’t deliver on their services it is better to include multilingual search.

2. One of a Kind Competitor:
28% of customers in a survey said that the support that almost 88% of companies offer is not in their native language. Thus to stand out amongst so many retailers, you must prove yourself to be unique and grab the attention of that 28% to increase market sales. That will make a difference.

3.Customers Communication:

When the clients are allowed to communicate with the site in their language they can understand the site better and express their problems and needs properly. A multilingual search can help in this matter greatly.

4.Better Experiences Better Feedback:

Research shows that 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product. Therefore, reviews which paint the business in good light are essential to winning the trust of other customers. So if they are provided with multilingual search support, it can help translate the reviews in the customer’s language so they can understand. Thus it helps you to gain the positive feedback you need from them because they can now understand the other reviews better.

So now all that is left is to find a perfect app to help you get that feature and among the many services that provide this aspect. Expertrec is one of the best ones out there.

What is Expertrec?

Expertec is a custom search engine that can help you with your site and deliver a “Google-like search experience” with their plug-and-play custom search and best-in-class machine learning capabilities. They offer the Best Custom Search Engine for your online store. Main features of it is that it-

  • Has Fast Search Results
  • Works On All Platforms 
  • Has Real-time Indexing 

Some of the Features of Expertrec:

1. Search Results Are Faster: 

Expertrec’s search results load within seconds and because of that your site users can have a swift and smooth search experience. Thus resulting in more customer satisfaction and more traffic to your site.

2. Easy To Use Filters And Facets: 

The facets and filters are very easy to use in Expertrec. This helps your users to track down products by category, brand, price and more attributes. Which makes the users get what they want in turn be more pleased with your store and what it has to offer.

3. It Works On Every Platform: 

Expertrec can work on many platforms such as Big Commerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, and many more.

4. Supports 30+ Languages: 

There are over 30+ languages to choose from in Expertrec. You can enable any language search on your website so your customers from around the world can search for whatever they want.

5. Easy To Set Up: 

It can be set up with no effort at all which helps owners understand and set up their store instantly and seamlessly.

6. Low Costs: 

Compared to other websites this one has a very low cost of installation and usage. Expertrec even has a 14-day free trial for newcomers so they can experience it and decide for themselves whether to use it or not.

Final Verdict

As you can see Expertrec has many benefits that many of the other services don’t have. It has one of the largest collections of languages which will help you greatly in multilingual search. Expertrec has even bagged the SourceForge Top Performer Spring 2022 award which is a big achievement, as their product was chosen among 60,000 other products on SourceForge. Thus comparatively speaking Expertrec is the most valuable asset that you can add to your store.


Multilingual search is one of the most significant tools and you should give it the utmost importance. It has many benefits that go under the radar of other business owners because they don’t understand the weight it pulls when it comes to the customer’s searching abilities and the likeableness of the website. It might look as an extra but it will definitely have positive results. So this could very well be the one thing that you need to get your leg up in the game of business in Commerce marketing.

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