Can Product Visualization Actually Increase Sales?

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Since many people choose to shop online, they cannot see the actual product they intend to buy, just like when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. And so, to gain their trust, you must use product visualization to show your product to them.

What is Product Visualization?

Product visualization means visualizing the product you are selling on the screen of the visitors of your online shop. Somehow, it gives them the feeling of looking at the products before buying. Sometimes, the goods are easy to show to potential customers. However, there are things that you can’t initially show before they order, like furniture. So some businesses use illustrations or artworks to allow them to imagine somehow what it will look like when they buy it.

Luckily, some apps or websites allow the business owner to have these illustrations. Some even have 3D features, which offer a 360-degree view. When businesses cannot fully illustrate some products on the screen, many use descriptions along with the presentation. The information mainly includes the material, texture of the product, and other specifics you cannot view in the picture.

The appeal of internet stores is that you can show more than just the product. You can make a visualization of what it will look like when paired with other things. For example, you can show that the furniture looks better in particular wall color or a blouse will look great with a skirt.

How does product visualization work?

With product visualization, the visitors will keep exploring your store to look at the other goods you sell. And so, if you want to pair a product with another one, it is better to have both items in your store as it will increase the likelihood of buying both.

Of course, it does not have to be an actual setup when trying to show the visitors what will compliment your product. You do not have to go to a desert to showcase your bike, nor have to repaint your walls over and over for different furniture. You may use product visualization software to help you with that.

Furthermore, if you have items in different colors, this software will help potential customers to visualize the product in the color they like. They can also view the other prints or designs without leaving the page. You can be as creative as possible when portraying your business. The more it attracts people, the more they will click on what you are selling.

Is it necessary to have a product visualization?

It is not a requirement for your business, but it will significantly help you and your customers if you have product visualization. People like to see what they intend to buy rather than believe what is in the description. And when the customers buy the product they see on their screen, they will expect nothing more or less as the customers had already seen it before they bought it. Their satisfaction will increase as they receive the items they receive what they thought.

You will have many competitors in the market, so having an edge will help you win customers. The visitors can compare your products to others if they can see an actual presentation. Seeing the images of the goods can help them recall your shop compared to those written in the description. If there are no other products with illustrations, they might choose your shop as they know what they will get.

Product visualization allows the potential buyer to imagine their room or body with the product. Some images also include furniture dimensions, so they will know if it will fit their space. Meanwhile, some clothes offer size charts so that the customers will buy the size that fits them well. You may also make other variations of your product available.

Not only will having visualization in every product bring sales but also trust in your shop. You will gain more loyal shoppers if they can already see what they will buy before purchasing it. Furthermore, they will have the seller’s confidence if they receive exactly what the picture shows. You will benefit from these customers as they will give you a stable income.

Can product visualization increase sales?

Based on all the evidence and reasons why businesses highly recommend product visualization, it is safe to say that it does increase sales. People will tend to browse your other products that have images. While browsing, there will be a higher possibility that these customers will buy it since they know what to expect already. Furthermore, you may pair different products to show how well they go together.

If you want to take everything up a notch, try 3D product visualization, augmented reality, or AR. It attracts many audiences who will find your store fascinating; they can rotate the item and look at every angle. It is a futuristic feature that will also bring fun to online shopping. Mainly, big furniture companies such as Ikea use this method to showcase their tables, chairs, and other products. So if you plan to have a furniture shop, consider having this.

As long as you keep true to the images of the products you are selling and their added description, you do not have to worry whether it will increase your sales. They will be more confident in buying your product every time as they trust you. Of course, you must also consider other factors that can increase sales, such as return policies and free shipping. Product visualization alone will not make your sales skyrocket.

This marketing strategy is a valuable tool that can welcome new customers and keep them returning to you instead of your other competitors. You may change your product in so many ways, which is its beauty. You can be creative as you can be, pair your items with your other goods, make a 3D form to pique the interest of your consumers, and allow them to view additional customization of the product.


You can increase your sales in many ways, and you must definitely consider having product visualization. As you gain customers, they, in return, will have a memorable experience shopping in your online store.

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