Search website for PDF files

Search website for PDF files

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PDF search engines make it easier to find  PDF eBooks, PDF files, and other document files that might be overlooked by other search engines with a wider focus. Looking for document files using a dedicated search engine lets you view results in specific formats, filtering out formats so documents are easier to find. Most search engines will only index the title of the PDF and not the content. This means that you will not be able to search the PDF by queries present in the content.

Search website for PDF files

Make a PDF search engine

Using ExpertRec, you can create a PDF search engine that indexes the content inside your website’s PDFs and shows it in your website’s/blog search results. This functionality might be useful for websites that have a lot of PDF content and want to help their site users search for PDF content before downloading them. ExpertRec indexes the entire PDF and not just the title.

For this to work, you will need to have all your PDFs hosted on a cloud with a publicly accessible URL.

Here’s how you can create a PDF search for your website:

  1. Go to and enter the URL to your PDF.
  2. The crawl will take some time to complete. Once the crawl is complete, you can take the search live on your website by adding a piece of code.
  3. Meanwhile, you can check out the demo of the Search functionality on the home page.

By adding the JavaScript snippet to your website, you will get a fully functioning search bar that can search within PDF. It is highly customizable and you can edit both the appearance of the search bar and the search ranking algorithm. It comes with additional benefits like voice search and search suggestions.


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