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Search Widget for Website

There are several benefits of adding a search bar to the website and how it is at the center of any website and is next to SEO what website owners should look at. Here are some ways for adding the search widget to the website. Adding a search feature to the website: A visible search bar in the top(header) section of your website and search service responding to users’ queries are the main components of a search feature. so on the client-side(browser), there will be a html+css+javascript combination widget that will listen to every keystroke of the user and may call the search service. Search service is an engine that will listen on the server remotely and return search results for a given query. expertrec search widget If your site is a Content Management System(CMS) based, it will have both of the features present in it. A search bar on every page and the search service will be present by default. But if you are not happy with the default feature, there are plugins to extend features and you can add them to your site. Third-party search integration on your site: You can implement a search service provided by third-party search providers. Many search companies provide search as a service and this can be simply implemented by copy-pasting code to the web pages where the search box needs to appear on the site and the search is functional without writing any single line of code. An advantage is that you need not worry about search server implementation to handle queries and so very easy to implement. The disadvantage is that you need to see all the features you are going to get along with the search. If only the search feature, then a lot of customization is needed in the look-n-feel of the search widget, data collection, analytics, etc. Many of the search providers may support free service for a particular period and later they may start showing ads banners. Summary: A search feature is a must-have tool on any website nowadays. Users will get more friendly navigation through the website and site owners will be able to shape the stronger business. One frontend part – search bar in the header section of the site and One backend part – search service to give results to every search query. CMS will have their default implementation for this. Also, there are many third-party search providers to accomplish this.

Search Widget using ExpertRec

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