pdf text search not working

pdf text search not working

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Read PDF search bar – How to implement? for more information.

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most widely used and is the most effective way to transfer or store any information or data. It is Lightweight, loads quickly within fractions of seconds. And yes, the quality of content is intact, all Crisp and Clear. It is extremely popular and hence used all over the world.

The PDF format is mostly used everywhere, but the use of the Search feature in Word has helped users navigate through the documents easier. Some PDFs don’t support Text Search or sometimes the pdf text search is not working, hence we can not find any particular words from the content or even through the paragraphs. This is an issue if the document is bulky. 

The most effective method to decide if a PDF is text content accessible

After opening the PDF, take a stab at looking for a word known to be in the record (ideally a word that shows up on a few unique pages) by clicking CTRL+F  and entering the word you are searching in the Find box.

 On the off chance that the message beneath shows up, the archive isn’t content accessible.PDF Text search pop up

 On the other hand, utilize the mouse to feature a word in the content. On the off chance that a solitary word can’t be featured and the whole page goes blue to demonstrate it is a picture, the content isn’t accessible.

The most effective method to make a PDF text content accessible

PDF Text Search Navigation

The accompanying directions apply to make PDF content accessible in Adobe Acrobat Professional or Standard:

  1. Snap on Tools > Text Recognition > In These File.
  2. The Recognize Text popup box opens. Select All pages, at that point click OK.
  3. The content acknowledgment procedure will continue page by page.  Note: for an exceptionally long record the procedure may take a few minutes to finish.
  4. Providing content accessibility in various archives without a moment’s delay can be cultivated by choosing Tools > Text Recognition > In Multiple Files.
  5. The Recognize Text discourse box opens for including the records or organizers of reports to be made content accessible.PDF Text Search
  6. At the point when every one of the documents or organizers is included, click OK to begin the content acknowledgment process. On the off chance that various records or organizers are chosen, content acknowledgment handling may take a seriously long time.



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Video: (To search Scanned documents in PDF) 

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YouTube video
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