Sometimes the search engine you have might not be functioning or indexing the content within the PDF. To fix this, some of the following steps can help you.

pdf search not working

Quick Fix

  1. Make sure the PDFs are live and accessible– Sometimes the PDFs might be behind a login and not accessible to the search engine crawler. You can create a URL and list all these PDFs in a single page like the image below. pdf search not working
  2. Make sure the PDFs are not password protected– If your PDFs are password protected, the content inside them might not be indexed.
  3. Reindex your search engine database– Your search engine provider might not have indexed your PDFs, you might have to reindex your website.
  4. Clear your browser and server (nginx and apache) cache– Sometimes search engines reflect old cached data. If your hosting provider has given controls over this cache, clear them.
  5. Change your search provider– You can create a PDF search engine using expertrec and see if the PDF contents have been indexed. You can do this from –
  6. Create a PDF search engine– Follow the instructions below – to create a pdf search enginehow to create a pdf search engine

Add Search to your website

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