Here are proven methods to increase site search engine speed-

  1. Reduce the number of search results shown per search query or keystroke. Use pagination to show more search results. If you have an infinite scroll search results page, load more results on the scroll event.
  2. Optimize images– If you are showing images in search results, optimize the images. Use a CDN for the images to load. Images are usually bigger in size and take longer to load.
  3. Cache search results– Many search results are searched again and again. You need not talk to the main server for repeated searches. You can show cached search results for such queries.How to implement a fast site search engine
  4. Reduce the number of operations running at run time– Don’t have a complex search or business logic running at the time of user searching.
  5. Use SSD cloud machines instead of HDD.How to implement a fast site search engine
  6. Store Index in RAM-Store index in RAM instead of disks.How to implement a fast site search engine
  7. Make sure servers are near to your customers/ users.How to implement a fast site search engine

Add Search to your website

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