How Ecommerce Brands Can Create Dynamic User-Generated Content

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In the post-pandemic days, brands are now trying extra hard to grab the attention of the people. All the brands must have some unique features to reach the global audience. Among the many unique ways to get the attention of your customers, user-generated content is getting popularity nowadays. You must have seen content or promotions of certain brands on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media. Ever thought about, how that works? Now, let’s see that.

At first, we would have to know what is dynamic user-generated content!

What is Dynamic User-Generated Content? 

Consumer-generated content or User-generated content (UGC) is content created by the general public or customers which are published on social media. It can range from images and videos to reviews and podcasts. Though they may have not been particularly paid to create the content, it still brings attention to the product. Now, you may be asking how customer-centric content can help you to gain more traction on social media, emails, landing pages, etc. Let’s find out!

Why is it Important And How Can it Help You?


Building A Relationship

The reviews that customers give are very important as they help bring out your brand’s credibility and quality in front of your audience. If the reviews of your shop are good, it is a guaranteed win for your business. These days people are looking for more reviews from someone who already has bought the item. Providing them with a comment section where they can ask questions freely and see what other people commented on would only help to build a good relationship between you and your customer.

More Effective Social Ads

You must have heard about sponsoring people who would put your product on social media! They will promote it but the main problem is it doesn’t look or feel authentic. So, the people scrolling through don’t bat an eye and move on. Because of this problem, user-generated content is a better way to show your product to the general masses. It looks authentic and provides people with an honest review from a customer just like them. This makes them feel more connected to the product resulting in the impulse on buying the said product. As Outpost’s data tells us generated Facebook ads get 300% more click-through rates than average and there is a 50% drop in cost-per-click as well as cost-per-acquisition. 

Boost Visibility In Search Engine

The reviews by the customers can bring your brand into the limelight and help you do search engine marketing well too. A good search engine also helps you in product listing ads and it makes your search listing more enticing for your targeted demographic. 

How to Make it Work? 

User-Generated Content With the Help of Search Engine Bar

Having a good search engine bar is so important nowadays as it helps you to create user-generated content as well. But, how does it work? When a customer buys a certain brand’s product, the next time he searches for the products he must see that brand’s products first. Apart from that, your search engine should always show the top-rated products and capture the customer’s interest, and show products according to that. In this way, the customer will be more engaged with the website and user-generated content will be delivered effortlessly. Promotional emails, exciting offers, and deals via text messages or notifications are also very good ways to interact with your customers. So, you have understood that search engine plays a big role in creating this user-generated content.

Incentivize Reviews Through Post-Purchase Emails

Collecting the feedback left by customers in a publicly facing review is the main goal of UGC. But, how to collect this information from the buyer? You can send them a personal request via a post-purchase email and include promotion of relevant or top-rated products. You can even include the form to fill up a review. But, many people still don’t want to take the time to leave a review because it holds no benefits for them. So, this critical step for scaling is to incentivize customers with coupons to write reviews and share them on their social media. You can also give them loyalty points for writing those reviews and photos.

Building a Community

 Having a community that loyally follows your brand is a blessing. But you can’t force loyalty. You have to encourage people to be loyal and for that, the best method is to let your customers reply to the visitor’s answers. In that way, they can get a human connection and since it is not coming directly from the brand it is more believable. This strategy boosts sales and helps in the consumer’s decision-making process. You should send the previous buyers emails or notifications about the questions. You could also incentivize the visitors to your site by giving them coupons upon answering the questions. With this method, you can have dynamic user-generated content and also turn your regular product page into a dynamic one. 

Social Media Leveraging

Social media is for showing the best of yourself and not using it for promoting will be a bad decision. Promote your best reviews and comments and queries on social media so that your customers can see how happy the consumers of your product are. Social engagement in the comments can also help. You can also use these platforms to reagent your audience through simple and beautiful ads. 

Product Sampling

We all love free products, don’t we! If you let some of your customers sample them in exchange for reviews or UGC, it may draw out consumers who want to experience the brand. You could promote it via any social media, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You could also create a hashtag dedicated to this cause or you could create one in general and start a campaign. These days, people are always interested in new trends. So, if your hashtag trends then you will get profit from it as well. 

Final Verdict 

By analyzing data from the Bazaar voice network, we saw that there is a 144% increase in conversion rate because of the dynamic user-generated content. This type of content may be hard to create but if you keep the tips and tricks in mind you can successfully use this to your benefit.

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