6 Facebook Ads Tips To Boost Sales for Shopify Stores

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You must know how to leverage Facebook Ads to boost sales for your Shopify store. Facebook has a large majority of online customers as its user base. A successful and surefire way to boost your Shopify sales is to utilize Facebook Ads and redirect potential customers to your Shopify store.
Due to online customers’ increased usage of Facebook, business owners will often use the platform to target their audience. The online platform also allows people to do this by providing them with advertising capabilities such as Ad campaigns.
It not only allows you to access their valuable consumer database, but it also provides in-app marketing tools that you can use for essential metrics on the success of your campaign. These measured and recorded statistics and ratios allow you to formulate your ad campaign better and make it more successful and engaging.
Furthermore, when advertising on Facebook, there are multiple different Ad formats that you can choose from. These include videos, images, collections, and more. Having a diverse range of options means that you have flexibility over the type of Ad campaign you want to run on Facebook. Below are six tips that boost sales for Shopify stores when using Facebook Ads.

Remarketing Campaign

Facebook offers excellent opportunities to Shopify store owners, allowing you to reach the users that have visited your online store and interacted with it in one way or the other. This could mean they had filled out an online form or may have provided your Shopify store with their email address with or without making a purchase.
With Facebook Ads, you can target these customers with the information they have helped. Doing so allows you to drive them to your store again. Statistics show that remarketing campaigns have a much higher chance of drawing a visitor to purchase on your Shopify store.
Remarketing campaigns also allow you to retain your store in the minds of former customers and Shopify store visitors. Keeping your customers engaged with your brand is very important, especially if you have a shorter sales cycle.
According to Facebook’s recommendation, you need to remarket every 15 to 30 days. One of the best ways to use remarketing strategies is by utilizing Dynamic Product Ads. These are advertisements that adapt and change on Facebook as soon as you make an update on your Shopify store.

Utilize Facebook’s Targeting Capabilities

Before you are ready to use Facebook to boost sales for the Shopify store by creating an Ad, you must first decide who your target audience will be. This is important because almost everyone has a Facebook or Instagram account. Therefore, you can reach your audience with these Ad Platforms, but if you are reaching an audience that isn’t interested in what you are offering, then you can’t expect good returns.
This means that you will waste a ton of money and have very little to show for it. This is where the audience comes from. Facebook provides you with detailed and meticulous filters when setting up the demographic of your audience. You can therefore target your audience on who your ideal customer is and only reach them with your ads and exclude everyone else.
This will allow you to have a profitable and targeted Ad that works best with people. It not only limits users to simply demographics but also helps you specify your target audience using interests, activities and behaviors. If you can identify the right target audience for your business, you can increase sales volume and of your Shopify store significantly.
For instance, if you are creating an Ad for a pricier and high-end product, you can target an audience that isn’t only interested in that product, but also one with a higher income level and can easily afford the product. This will significantly increase your Ad’s success and engagement, thereby increasing the sales revenue of your Shopify store.

Use Videos

Facebook video ad person holding black samsung android smartphone

Research has shown that video content is much more successful in increasing engagement. Consumers also agree that they are more convinced and motivated to make online purchases after coming across video Ad campaigns.
A good quality video advertisement can indefinitely boost sales for Shopify stores if it captures the essence of your product and conveys the advantages of the product or service you are offering. A video can be informative and add value to the reader’s mindset. It can also trigger emotion in the audience by portraying a common pain point your product looks to solve.

Make Your Facebook Ads Mobile Friendly

It is very important to ensure your Facebook ads are suitable and compatible with a mobile user. Majority of the Facebook users today use mobile phones to make online purchases, which is why the layout of your ad should be responsive to the smaller and more compact smartphone screens.

High Relevance and Low Frequency

Do not make the mistake of spending too much money on the frequency of the ad and instead, focus on relevancy. Many people believe that the number of times when your ad is being played on Facebook has a significant impact on its success. However, this is far from the truth; engagement depends entirely on how well you set your target audience, along with its relevance of your target audience.

Optimizing Keyword and Search Bars

Search engine optimization is a free traffic source not just for your Shopify store but also for your Facebook Ad Campaign. It can also be instrumental when you optimize the navigating capabilities on your Shopify store. It allows the traffic that you drive from your Facebook Ads to easily find a product or service by typing in the keyword on the personal search engine.

Final Thought

As you can see, Facebook plays a great part when you want to boost sales for Shopify stores. It allows you great flexibility and diversity when you are trying to optimize your Ads. It also allows you to quickly optimize Shopify traffic and increase business revenue.

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