Ecommerce Homepage Design Best Practices

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With online shopping coming into vogue, you would lag in the competition if you only owned a physical store. So, if you want to take your business to a different level and reach customers worldwide, you must design an eCommerce webpage. The webpage should be designed in such a way that it should attract customers who are visiting the website for the very first time. 

A customer would stay on your webpage for 15 seconds before they shift to your competitor’s webpage. So, you need to provide special attention to the eCommerce homepage design. Developing this page tactfully will build trust in a customer and secure a high conversion rate for your website.

Therefore, it is your duty as a business owner to make your homepage interactive and trustworthy. An exciting homepage will engage the customers and make them interested in your products. It would also make them more curious to explore different varieties of products on your webpage. 

How Can You Develop a Perfect Homepage?


The homepage is the most important page in your eCommerce website as that page is the first page on which your audience will be first introduced to you. That page also gives your first impression to your audience. If you, as a business owner, are looking for ways to boost your reach to a wider audience, you must keep in mind the below-listed features you must have when designing your homepage.

1. Having a Perfect Search Engine Bar

Search bars are one of the first things on your eCommerce website homepage that your customers come across with. If your search bar is not working smoothly, the customers will move to another website then and then. So, your search engine bar must have the below-mentioned features –

  • Swift and Steady Search

Fast search results are the ones that would make your website preferable to your competitor’s. With a custom search engine bar, your customers can browse your webpage and find the desired products within seconds.

  • Customized Product Search

Your search bar must use the advanced technology of AI-based ranking, which will suggest the exact products per your customers’ choice and preference.

  • Supports Multiple Languages

If you own a business that has a global reach, you would require a search engine that supports multiple languages. Having a multi-lingual search bar helps you to easily address your global prospects without hassle.

  • Giving Product Recommendations and Showing the Top Products

It’s important to show your strong field i.e. your top products to your customers. If the search bar can show product recommendations and top products when customers visit your website, it will help them to know your website better.

2. Other Best Practices to Design Your Ecommerce Homepage

You also need to follow some strategies and practices that will secure top ratings for your home page and your website. Below are some top techniques to boost sales and invite positive customer feedback.

  • Be Clear About Your Services

A direct approach is always the best form of approaching your customers. The homepage should clearly understand the products or services you offer so that your website visitors can make the best of their precious time. Keeping this unclear will make the customers lose interest in your webpage pretty soon and lower your conversation rate.

  • Place a Search Box that is Clear and Prominent

Your search box should be the component that will dominate your entire homepage. This is because customers typically use search boxes to search for the products that they need. These are the potential customers who intend to buy your products. 

The homepage cannot recommend all the products that your customer needs or can’t intuitively know what they are searching for. Therefore, a search box is extremely important. 

Moreover, to improve the customer experience, your search box should also be able to recommend relevant products if the exact products cannot be found.

  • Don’t Stuff Your Homepage With too Many Categories

Ecommerce homepage design should be simple and full of clarity. Use a horizontal or vertical box to categorize all your products so that they remain organized. Avoid stuffing it with too many categories and keep it between 5-12 top-level product categories. Check that the categories are well labeled so that the contents are visible.

  • Never Forget to Highlight Special Offers

Customers always look forward to some special offer through which they can get the product at a lower price. Therefore, highlighting current discounts and special offers would easily attract the customer’s attention and quicken their decision to purchase. You can also recommend some deals of the day to engage customers daily.

  • Feature the Most Popular Products

All your varied range of offerings can’t be displayed on the homepage at once, so it would be a good idea to feature the most popular products. This will offer some help to your customers to find out their desired products quickly. Other than this, you can use pop-ups to feature your product.

  • Develop Your Homepage, Which Will Offer Personalized Recommendations

Make use of Expertrec’s various technological tactics to offer personalized recommendations to customers based on their location, most searched keywords, shopping history, and recently viewed pages or products. For example, build up a section on your homepage with the title ‘recommended for you and target better conversion rates on your eCommerce website.

  • Design a Mobile-Friendly Web Page

An online customer is more likely to engage in transactions using a smartphone or a tablet. Therefore your eCommerce homepage design should be mobile-friendly. This approach makes the webpage compatible with smaller screens first and then moves on to larger ones. This makes the content fit the type of screen that they possess.

  • Ensure a Clear Display of Your Contact Information on the Homepage

Including your contact information will not only boost your customers’ user experience but also build brand loyalty. Excluding this contact information might hinder their decision to buy any product that they are skeptical about. Offering a 24 hours customer service is also recommended.

Final Thoughts

Following all these practices will make your website top the search engine. The homepage needs to have informative content and quick navigation, so if you are thinking of making your brand bigger and boost your customer experience, design your eCommerce webpage to make it eye catchy and profitable at the same time.

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