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Mozilla users have their own reasons to stick to it over Google Chrome. Some claim that it offers better browsing speed, while others say that it uses less RAM than Chrome. Whatever be the reason, the recently announced voice search feature of Firefox has surely made Web search much easier than ever before. Just like Google Voice Search on Firefox also one can browse without having to use the keyboard. 


On Firefox Reality, the virtual reality browsing platform, follow these steps to use the Voice Search feature:

  1. Select the microphone icon until it gets highlighted. 
  2. Or, hold the controller close to your mouth and press the trigger.
  3. Speak out your keyword (example: “London Bridge photos”).
  4. Firefox will grab the words you speak and perform a text search using its default search engine.

Firefox Reality boasts of more secure private browsing than other browsers. As it is built on open-source, it assures transparency too. 

Download Voice Fill for Firefox. Voice Fill uses speech recognition to enable
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