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google search console the connection to your server timed out

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Read google search console the connection to your server timed out for more information.

Google Search Console formerly known as Webmaster Tools is a tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It helps improve your website’s search presence and makes sure that the Google search engine can find everything within your website. Once you are done with inputting your website, you might run into some errors one of which is Server errors.

Ownership error

When your server is taking too long to respond or Google is being blocked by your website’s configuration, the Google search console throws a server error. There is more than one server error, Server connection timeout is one of them.

You may see Server connection timeout error when your server is not connected to the internet, your server is misconfigured, the server is overloaded, the server does not exist, network hardware error or data request error.

How to fix it?

A) Check the internet connection of your server, confirm if your website’s hosting server is not down, misconfigured or overloaded.

B) Make sure there is no DNS configuration issue, misconfigured firewall or content management system configuration problem which may be blocking Google from accessing your website.

C) If your website uses dynamic pages, the site may take a long time to respond; therefore, limit the use of dynamic pages. 

Google console errors

Know more about the issue by watching the video


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