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Google Search Console is highly popular among the website owners. However, nowadays you may see a lot of errors in Google Search Console. If you see Google crawling, you will find that it is the name of the brand that is empty.

Google Search Console:

google search console missing field brand

You may also find several alerts in Google Search Console. This can include missing field ‘Brand’, missing field ‘Offers’, missing field ‘Video’, and others.

 Also, the product report is found under the enhancements section present in the Google Search Console. Most users complain that when they login to Google Search Console, it reports one error and numerous warnings on the structured data of each product.

Food bloggers are also receiving emails from the Google Search Console. These emails usually contain double warnings and each of these are for the missing field on both the markup.

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Recent example:

 A recent example of this has been stated by a user who stated that he noticed 9 warnings for 152 products on Google Search Console. Moreover, here also the main warning remains about the Google Search Console missing field brand.

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Getting an error in Google Search Console: Schema Missing: name. As Google is
crawling … It looks like it is the brand name field that is empty. When looking at … You’ll see a lot of alerts in Google Search Console, including: missing field
Brandmissing field “SKU” missing field “Offers” and search console missing field brand Fix for New Search Console Error: Either “offers”, “review”, … The Products report
can be found under the enhancements section in Google Search Console. …
including Missing fieldbrand”, Missing field “SKU”, Missing Field …When I login to Google Search console it is reporting 1 error and many warnings
on each products structured data. I am using … Warning: Missing fieldbrand Foodie bloggers are receiving emails from Google Search Console that … with
double warnings, one each for the missing field on both markup … Google search console is now telling me I have 2 errors in my data for “products”
error 1 ) Either … Warning Missing fieldbrand” Warning … Google Search Consoles Products Enhancements Report …. Warning Missing
fieldbrand“, Optional field, if you can, this field should be …Now google google console showing many errors like below … Missing field
brandMissing product … In the new search console there are three areas. 1.
ErrorI recently noticed that I had about 152 products with 9 warnings each about on
Google search console. I have attached a few screenshots of … The brand field is recommended. … Also due to recent update to Google Search
Console we have started ….. Warning Missing fieldbrand

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