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Goodreads provides access to all the new book launches and the books that you won’t find on any other e-commerce or any other online book store. This book-related social media website and App is the perfect place for book lovers. It not only provide you with purchasing details of books online but also allow you to use its feature of adding books in the read later list.

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There are a variety of filters which you can use to make an effective search such as ISBN number, book Author, Book Genre, Book name etc. There is a feature by which you can connect your Kindle account with it and then submit reviews as and when the book is complete. You can further connect with the like-minded people by using its feature of Add Friends

Goodreads enables you to ask questions to your favourite authors. An avid reader can win free books by accepting reading challenges. Though Goodreads has multiple features, it does not have Advanced filters or searches that are available.

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