[WP] | Wordpress live search ajax without plugin

[WP] | Wordpress live search ajax without plugin

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Good design is invisible! It’s like an air conditioner set on automatic temperature control. Until you feel too hot or cold, you don’t pay any attention to it, concentrating instead on the task at hand, or just enjoying your time.

For users surfing the web, Ajax is like an automatic air conditioner. It makes websites smoother and faster to use, resulting in a pleasurable experience. And most importantly, it just works!

wordpress live search ajax without plugin Ajax is a web development technique that stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. It’s used to create dynamic web applications that are interactive and fun. With Ajax, you don’t have to wait for the web page to reload to see a change. Everything’s taken care of automatically in the background without disrupting what you’re doing, thereby enhancing your user experience.

The core of WordPress already uses Ajax, but only in the admin screens. For instance, when you’re moderating comments or adding/deleting items from categories or posts, you can see instant updates thanks to Ajax. It’s also the tech behind the much loved auto-save functionality.

Make a live ajax search for wordpress without coding

Ajax is most commonly used with jQuery functions on WordPress, as it’s much simpler when compared to VanillaJS. Moreover, WordPress core already comes loaded with the jQuery library.

Wordpress generally encourages the usage of plugins. But since you are here looking for a non-plugin alternative, we will look into just that. Of course, if you prefer the plugin method I’ll mention that at the end as a bonus!

Create a Live Search in WordPress using Ajax without any plugins

A live search is a search form that displays the results for your search query as you type. When done right, they can be exceptionally nice to use. Here’s how you can make a WordPress live search without plugins:

  1. Go to https://cse.expertrec.com/newuser?platform=cse and signup with your Google account
  2. Enter your website’s URL and wait for the crawl to complete
  3. You can take the search live on your website by adding a javascript snippet.

This will easily add an ajax live search to your Wordpress site.

Create a Live Search in WordPress using Ajax: plugin method

There are many WordPress live search plugins out there claiming to add ajax search to your website. Of the lot, I will suggest using this one. It will replace the default WordPress search with an ajax live search that has features like autocomplete, voice search, filtering, and more!

Make a live ajax search for wordpress without coding

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