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Google Custom Search gives its users the facility to specify the list of sites that they wish the search engine to search with “Sites to search” feature. URL patterns are used to create a custom search which illustrates the part of the web that you wish to include or exclude from your search.

A Custom Search depends on the approximation algorithms that use URL patterns to give customized results. While adding sites in the control panel or the Google Marker, you will be able to generate URL patterns. URL patterns are very simple and directly represent a whole site. However, you can also pick out more precise portions of a site by using the use of advanced patterns. Read more about constructing URL Patterns here

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Basically, a URL pattern is a set of ordered characters that are created after an actual URL to match that specific URL. Take note that URL patterns are case-sensitive. Therefore, if your site URL has capital letters in it, you must ensure that your URL patterns have the same. Change in the case will become invalid URL and not fetch you desired results.

A URL pattern is a set of ordered characters to which the Google Search
Appliance matches actual URLs that the crawler discovers. You can specify URL
…via …
.com/search?q=allinurl%3A+”%2Ftravel-*”&oq=allinurl%3A+” …google search url patternInclude just this specific page or URL pattern I have entered. If you enter a
specific page, such as, it will only match that exact
page. Creating a basic Custom Search Engine (CSE) is very easy. … URL patterns
specify the part of the web you want to search or exclude from your …A match pattern is essentially a URL that begins with a permitted scheme ( http …
http://*/*, Matches any URL that uses the http scheme, information about valid URL patterns, see “Constructing URL Patterns” in “
Administering Crawl,” which is linked to the Google Search Appliance help center
. Block encrypted search: Because Web search filtering cannot block encrypted …
Web search filtering by using encrypted Google searches. … Blocked URL
patterns: Enter specific URL patterns you wish to block, one per line.Use the Search > Search Features > Front Ends > Remove URLs page for
specifying URLs or URL patterns that should not be served in search results for a
Remember to use URL patterns to search only a part of a site if required. E.g. if
you want to search only tutorials about browser speed from the …For example, you might want to limit the number of URLs the search appliance …
You tune crawl coverage by entering the URL pattern and setting the maximum …

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