Google Custom Search Wordpress

Google Custom Search Wordpress

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The search function in WordPress works well if visitors have an idea of the content you provide. However, it lacks that special something when people are looking for relevant content to a word or phrase. Luckily, you don’t have to stick with the default search field that comes with WordPress. Using Google Custom Search Wordpress, you may provide an easier method for people to find your material while making the experience more professional.

google custom search wordpress

Create a WordPress google custom search engine


What Is Google Custom Search?

Google Custom Search Engine, also known as CSE, places actual search results from the engine onto your website. When you add Google search to WordPress, essentially you’re giving visitors the power behind the popular engine to find your content. Once you register a free account with Google, you can modify the results page in a myriad of ways. As a result, you deliver a powerful method of searching your site while delivering a custom search experience.

Google CSE offers different plans for different business needs as well as lots of customization tools. Being supported by ads, there is a good chance that it will end up showing the ads or even your competitors on your website. Its design limitations, ads, lack of speed made many of former Google search products’ customers look for a better solution.

Google custom search Wordpress alternative

Here we will visit the steps required to add the ExpertRec Custom search engine to your website. This is one of the easiest setup processes of all the available options out there and is highly recommended.

  1. Navigate to and signup with your Google ID.
  2. Enter your website’s URL when prompted. You can select a server location near you and add the URL of your sitemap if you wish to. These will be auto-detected otherwise.
  3. You can play around with the settings and customize the UI as the crawl runs. Once it is complete, you can check out a fully functional demo before taking the search to your website.
  4. You can take the search to your website with little to no effort. All you need to do is to paste the code snippet available on the dashboard on your website.

ExpertRec comes with more customization options that you can explore. You can read this article to find a more detailed guide on the installation and configuration.

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