Google custom search pricing

All about Google custom search pricing (CSE)

Google custom search (CSE) pricing 

Google custom search (also known as Programmable search ) is a free search offering from Google for websites looking to add a search box to their website. There are other products such as Google site search and Google search appliance both of which have been terminated by Google in 2017. The major issue is that you cannot buy Google custom search. All you can buy is the Google custom search API and then hire a coder to implement it for you. Let’s get straight to the point regarding the pricing-for the Google custom search API gives you 100 search queries free per day. Additional queries cost $5 per 1000 queries up to 10000 queries per day.

Code free custom search engine @ $9 per month

Google custom search pricing

Here is a quick summary of the Google custom search pricing in 4 short points.

When it comes to Google custom search, there are 4 different types of offerings from Google-

  1. Standard Google custom search
  2. Google custom search for non profits.
  3. Custom search JSON API
  4. Custom search site restricted API

Pricing and feature comparison details of the above 4 different types mentioned above

  1. Standard Google custom search pricing- Free
  2. Google custom search for non-profits, government organizations, and educational institutions- Free.
  3. Google custom search JSON API pricing – $5 per 1000 queries. (10,000 queries daily limit).
  4. Google custom search site restricted JSON API pricing- $ per 1000 queries. (no daily limit)
google custom search pricing


Shortcomings of Google custom search

  1. Ads– Google custom search (the standard version) has ads at the top of the search results. This means that your website search results will be pushed down and your site visitors could drop off to competitor websites bidding for your search queries.
  2. No control over what is crawled– Google controls what is crawled. Of course you can add your website sitemap into Google search console but Google decides when to crawl your pages. You also have very less control over crawl speed. 
  3. Old boring UI- It is 2021 and we want a good looking search engine for our website. Google hasn’t upgraded its search UI for the past 10 years. 
  4. Risk of being taken off-Google is notorious for axing their products at short notice. 
  5. Zero Support- Google custom search has no support at all for the integration.

Sometimes you might want to see more than ten results on the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Increasing the result count per page is pretty simple. You can read google custom search pagination to know how

Being supported by ads, there is a good chance that it will end up showing the ads of your competitors on your website. You can check the best site search tools for alternatives.

Overcoming shortcomings of Google custom search

Expertrec is a great alternative to Google custom search priced at $9 per month.

google custom search pricing
  1. Beautiful UI– Expertrec has a beautiful search UI and a faster search speed than Google custom search.
  2. Affordable– It is priced at an affordable $9 per month for websites having upto 2000 pages (unlimited queries).
  3. Crawl control– Gives great control over crawl frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)
  4. Search Relevance– The search weights feature gives control over how the search results populate. You can specify weight for the description, title, body content and other search features.
  5. Behind login crawl- You can even create a search engine for websites that are behind a login by using the crawl behind login pages features.
  6. 24/7 Support- Expertrec team is highly rated for their great custom support who will help you to take live the search engine live on your website. 
expertrec review

You can try how to turn off Ads in Google search to remove ads in GCS.

If you are doing a search for something you should be looking for personal search engines, that can help you easily, and also helps you create amazing results when searching for the name of the product you are looking for, the keywords to find for that product etc. You can go for the Google search API alternative

Google discontinued their Google site search product in April 2017 and replaced it with Google’s custom search engine, a search engine that came along with ads and offered it for free. If you are looking for an ad free experience you can check Google Site search alternatives

A search bar is necessary for a good website. Creating your own search engine from scratch might be a difficult task but this task can be skipped with the help of Google. Read how to create a search engine like Google in HTML to know more.

Comparing with Expertrec custom search (No code)

Google custom search is a great tool that offers a free search experience for websites of all sizes. The below image could show you an easy way to choose a Google search option for your website. 

The image below clearly showcases that it is really difficult to implement the API based Google custom search. You could consider the no code custom search engine expertrec for a much simpler and robust search integration experience.

Google custom search pricing


Is Google Programmable Search Engine Free? 

Generally, the Google programmable search engine is free, and it offers several options that will help your visitors to find the information that they are searching for. You can also be assured that your users are getting top-quality service. However, some variants require money, such as Google site search API. You can not buy Google custom search directly. First, you must buy the API, and then you must hire a coder to implement it into your system. Usually, the API can do about 100 searches for free, but if it is above that, it costs $5 for 1000 queries. 

How Much Is A Google Programmable Search? 

Their prices vary from service to service. 

  • Standard Google custom search is free.    
  • Custom search JSON API costs around $5 per 1000 queries, as previously mentioned. 
  • Custom search site restricted API is a $ per 1000 query. 

How To Incorporate Google Custom Search In WordPress? 

WordPress is a site with a built-in Search Engine of its own, but it pales in comparison to the Google Search Engine as it is more efficient, so there are two ways you could incorporate it in WordPress.  

  • Steps With A Plugin:
  1. Download: After installing, you should register and generate your ID. You can also give a name to your Search Engine.
  2. Manage: In the left-hand corner, there should be an option called “edit search engine.” By clicking it, you can edit your Search Engine and customize it to your liking. 
  3. Add: Using the WP Google search widget, you can add the search bar to your website and maybe add a title to it to finish it. 
  • Steps Without A Plugin:
  1. Visit Website:  To begin, you have to go to  Google Custom Search and select the “New Search Engine” option and get a code from there. 
  2. URL: There is a “Site To Search” option, and after entering your website’s URL, you can create your search engine. After that, get your code to help you replace the WordPress search engine with the Google one. 
  3. Custom Code: After adding your custom code, create a backup just in case. 

How Do I Add Customer Search To Chrome? 

You should know how to do this step by step –

  • To start, go to the Chrome menu in the top right corner and click “settings.” 
  • Then select “manage search engines.” 
  • Now, you should click on the “add button.” 
  • For example, in the place “Search Engine,” you can write the name of a site such as Facebook. 
  • In the “Keyword” section, you put any word you want. For example, 
  • After that comes the URL, which may be tricky for new beginners. Go to your site and search for something which will give you an URL. Then you have to copy and paste it under the URL category. 
  • Then, you have to alter the URL by replacing the term you searched with the %s symbol. 
  • Get it started by giving it a name. This will show up when you search actively. Then click on add, and you have your custom google search on chrome.

Create your custom search engine @ $9 per month

If your Google site search is not working you can refer Google custom search support to find a solution. 

A static website with a dynamic search function? Yes, Hugo provides an alternative to embeddable scripts from Google or other search engines for static websites. Check out hugo themes with search

Google search script for sites is an easy and effective way to add search capabilities to your site. You can learn more about Google custom search JS examples

Read more on google custom search alternatives

You can also try searching multiple websites at once.


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