Read google image search old layout for more information.

If we talk about the old layout method for Google Image Search, then you will realize that it was used for a very long time. People usually click on the image search only when they want to look at the image that they want. 


All regular Google Image Search users will be happy to know that it now has a new layout. However, if you want to switch back to the old layout, you can do it possibly at any point in time.

Moreover, everything depends on you whether you want to work with the old layout or the new one. A good connection might load pure HTML instead of an expected organized layout. Some people have even said that their Google Image Search old layout has been set automatically. 


Also, the old layout can be easily accessed in Chrome but only after you have signed out. In addition to this, Google may also make use of the one-page layout for the image search. Unlike the new layout, the old layout made it easy to scroll after selection of an image.

The change which has been made recently changes the Google Image layout and has a preview on the right side. You can change the old uniform layout through the icon placed at the top right.

Check this link for more details:

The old layout method was widely used for over a century, … usually when i open
a image at the image search it’s because i want to “see it … Google Images Search has new layout now. You can easily switch back to old
classic layout design of Google Images Search website by …google image search old layoutFor Google Search Images, you can specify the parameter with … Whether you
need the new format or old format, it can be done as following. …. pure HTML
instead of the organized layout that a good connection would google chrome image search layout has automatically changed to old layout
style [see screenshot (1)]…does anyone know how to revert it … I can currently access the old design in Chrome but only when signed out. … In
addition, with image search, Google may use one page layout in …If you change the layout of your search engine, you must update the CSE code
on your site. After you’ve made your changes, be sure to click Save and Get Code
Now, Google has taken a cue from the startup in its own search product on … This
is what the old basic desktop image search and the “more … Google’s image search feature made it easy for people to find Getty … Anderson
— who was traveling with her 9-month old child — call for help … Google Image Search Tests New Image Preview Frame … New layout make it so
hard so scroll after selecting on an image, and the selected … Please revert to the
old style or at least give us the option of how we want to see it.Recently googles image layout has changed to have the preview on the right
side of … You can change it to Imgur’s old uniform layout via the icon at the top
right. … The only time I use Google is for reverse image searches.

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