google image search old layout

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Read Google image search API Discontinued! for more information.

Google image search old layout

If we talk about the old layout method for Google Image Search, then you will realize that it was used for a very long time. People usually click on the image search only when they want to look at the image that they want. 

All regular Google Image Search users will be happy to know that it now has a new layout. However, if you want to switch back to the old layout, you can do it possibly at any point in time.

Moreover, everything depends on you whether you want to work with the old layout or the new one. A good connection might load pure HTML instead of an expected organized layout. Some people have even said that their Google Image Search old layout has been set automatically. 

google image search old layout                               

Also, the old layout can be easily accessed in Chrome but only after you have signed out. In addition to this, Google may also make use of the one-page layout for the image search. Unlike the new layout, the old layout made it easy to scroll after selection of an image.

google image search old layout

The change which has been made recently changes the Google Image layout and has a preview on the right side. You can change the old uniform layout through the icon placed at the top right. 

Image search is a very complex and interesting search system.Another complex search function is the fuzzy query. It’s really interesting to see how fuzzy search works. Fuzzy search tries to find relevant text based on the query but not exactly matching to the query.

Check this link for more details:

YouTube video

YouTube video

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