Solr and elasticsearch are both search for sites and widely used worldwide. Solr and Elastic search are the two most commonly used tools to create search engines. Here is a detailed comparison of the costs, features, and performance of both these two search tools.

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solr vs elasticsearch

Solr and Elastic search are basically sisters to be honest – both are pretty similar, with Solr being the older one.solr vs elasticsearch

In this article, we will see which is better and why?

Which is more popular around the web? -> Solr vs Elastic searchsolr vs elasticsearch

As you can see around May 2014, Elastic search search volume has overtaken Solr and Solr search volume has been dipping.

Winner- Elastic search.

Who has more features? -> Solr Vs elastic search

Apache Solr-

Did you know that Duckduckgo runs on Solr?

Apache Solr extensive features such as

  1. Full-text search (phrases, wildcard, joins, grouping, etc)
  2. Real-time indexing
  3. Monitoring metric data
  4. Dynamic clustering.
  5. Faceted search and more (full list here)

Elastic search- is a clear winner in this department due to a long list of supporting features and tools such as kibana. Also, the Elastic search features and tools always seem to be updated. For a full comparison check our article here solr vs elasticsearch

Winner- Elastic search

Solr vs Elastic search ->Truly open source?

Solr- Solr is truly open source. Everyone can commit code to Solr.

Elastic search- Not truly open source since only elastic search employees can commit code to elastic.

Winner- Solr

Solr vs Elastic search age -> Solr has been there since 2004. Elastic search has been around the block since 2010.

Solr vs Elastic search – Commits and contributors on Github-

Solr- 31406 commits, 102 contributors. solr vs elasticsearch

Elastic search- 444592 commits, 1152 contributors.solr vs elasticsearch

Winner- Elastic search.

Solr vs Elastic search-> Which is easier to install?

Both are easy to install.  A newbie would find elastic search easier to install. In terms of developer experience, overall manageability and troubleshooting, Elastic search is a clear winner.

Winner- Elastic search.

Solr vs Elastic search-> How much does it cost?

Here is a look at the median salary of Solr software engineer from which stands at 91905 USD per year.solr vs elasticsearch

Here is the median salary of an Elastic search developer which is around 75000 USD per year.solr vs elasticsearch

Winner- Elastic search

Solr vs Elastic search-> Machine learning capabilities-

Solr has free machine learning modules –

solr vs elasticsearch

In Elastic search, Machine learning comes as a separate module for which you will have to paysolr vs elasticsearch

Elastic search will ask you to upgrade throughout their site. Here is a screenshot for their paid machine learning suite.solr vs elasticsearch

Winner- Solr

Solr vs Elastic search performance-> 

Solr and Elastic search both are really fast. Both have similar indexing performance. Whereas SOLR has a higher QPS (Query per second)

The following test was done –

  • Two machines (96 GB RAM each)
  • One machine with SOLR and other with elastic search
  • Each instance with 24 GB Java Virtual Memory  heap
  • Four shards (an index is usually split into multiple shards that are distributed across multiple nodes for better fault tolerance)
  • No replicas

40M small documents-

  • Elastic search indexed in 30 minutes (index size 8.8GB)
  • SOLR indexed in 43 minutes (index size 7.6GB)
  • solr vs elasticsearch

40 M large documents

  • Elastic search indexed in 179 minutes (index size 363 GB)
  • SOLR indexed in 119 minutes (index size 226 GB)solr vs elasticsearch solr vs elasticsearch SOLR seems to be slightly faster and could handle a higher number of queries per second.

Winner- SOLR.

Conclusion- Elastic search and SOLR both are pretty similar in almost all areas. If you are looking for complete freedom in your search engine development, you could take up SOLR- you will not be disappointed. Elastic search is a better choice if you are willing to shell out some money.




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