Here are the Google search operators that you can use to make better searches inside Google custom search.

List of Google Search Operators

google custom search operators
  1. OR or |“-  example-  “Microsoft OR google”

  2.  AND example- “Microsoft AND google”

  3. NOT or “-“

    Exclude certain text from search results- For Example, “USA -Florida” to exclude search results from all over the USA but excluding text that contains Florida

  4. ” “– Search for exact phrase matches-For example, “data now” 

  5. site: search within a specific site.Example- custom

  6. INURL– for example inurl:expertrec

  7. INTITLE: Searches within the title of the search results

  8. INTEXT– Searches within the snippet of the search results

  9. Filetype: search for specific filetypes only

  10. ( )

    Group multiple terms or search operators to control how the search is executed.

    Example: (ipad OR iphone) apple

  11. $

    Search for prices. Also works for Euro (€), but not GBP (£) ?

    Example: ipad $329

  12. define:

    A dictionary built into Google, basically. This will display the meaning of a word in a card-like result in the SERPs.

    Example: define:entrepreneur

  13. cache:

    Returns the most recent cached version of a web page (providing the page is indexed, of course).



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