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Bing custom search engine is an easy way to add search to your website in minutes. It comes with bing’s crawler and search ranking logic that will help you deliver a good search experience on your website with minimal effort.

Bing custom search pricing – 4$ per 1000 transactions.

Here are 7 easy steps to follow

Step 1– Go to and sign in with your microsoft custom search engine

Step 2– Click on new custom search engine

Step 3– Enter the name of the search instance. You can change this later .

bing custom search

Step 4-Add URL to index . bing custom search

You can add more URLs based on your custom search

Step 5– Get API key. Click on API endpoint and click on issue trial key. You can also get a permanent key if you wish to.

bing custom search

bing custom search

Step 6- Test your API key. If you are planning on using the API to implement search, you can paste the API key and click on “CALL” . this will show the response to the API custom search

Step 7- Configure your search layout. Go to the “hosted UI” tab and you can choose the

  1. Search layout
  2. Color theme
  3. Additional configurations (placeholder, results per page etc.)

bing custom search

Step 8– Take live. In the hosted UI tab, go to javascript snippet and copy the code. Paste this code on your website pages where you want the search box to be visible.You can do this with google tag manager or contact your website developer to get this done.

bing custom search

Now bing custom search is live on your site.

bing custom search

Add a SuperFast search to your website at 9 USD per month

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