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In any eCommerce website, there is no one tool that is more important than the search bar that helps in sales. The real truth is that many eCommerce websites have been trying to get the secret sauce that drives great search experiences on Google. But hardly few eCommerce websites (including Amazon) have been able to get their search to Google’s level. Statistics have shown a high correlation between people who search and people who buy. This gives a great reason to optimize your eCommerce search engine. To be concise, the search bar is the eye of an eCommerce website.
how to customize search box in shopify

For many Shopify is the go-to go eCommerce solution. To work on Shopify, you don’t need to possess any design skill and as a user, you have all the right to control colors, themes, and content. If you are looking forward to working with the Shopify search box, then you will get all the necessary information here on this blog. The best way to enhance the search on your website is by using a Shopify search box extension.

How to Customize Search Box in Shopify Using an App

Shopify’s default search is okay at best. Shoppers using search are much more likely to buy, as they exhibit intent. A smart search app can quickly present relevant results and significantly boost conversion.

Using Expertrec’s Shopify Search Box App
  1. Install Expertrec’s Shopify search extension from here.
  2. Once you install the extension, you will be directed to your control panel where you will have to enable your search engine by toggling on the enabled search extension.
  3. Once the app is installed, you will be able to see the search bar changed with facets and filters on the search results pages. This will add a search dropdown to your existing search box.
  4. From the dashboard, you can change both the search UI and the search ranking criteria without altering code.

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