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Read google search console team email spam for more information.

Google frequently changes its norms and regulations to ensure safety and avoid illegal activities in terms of tricking the algorithms. But, hackers are the main concern for both Google and website owners. If you are a website owner, then you’ll be concern about safety purposes.

The Google Console team acts as a helpful friend because they monitor every action of the website. They analyse the daily traffic and try their best to maintain security.

Let’s read all the below steps to find out how Console team inspect and block spammers:

  • Google is constantly employing researchers to find out whether the website matches its algorithm and regulations.
  • If any spammer tries different tricks to get on the top of result pages, then Google analyses their lifetime actions.
  • If any hacker is concluding hidden illegal acts on your website, Google will send you Manual Actions report in the messages centre.
  • Now, the website owner can take legal actions to prevent hacking for safety purposes. They also study that their website matches the algorithm.
  • Google will regularly review with a gap of a few days. If there is still any suspicious activity, then the Google Console team can block particular pages.

Have you checked out your Spam Folder, if not, check out this video to find out how to check the folder

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