Google Custom Search Not Working

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Google custom search is a service you can use to search within your website.  Many times this service does not work as expected.

Here are a few reasons and how to solve them:

  1. Copying the wrong code.  Especially when you have multiple GCS engines created inside the same Gmail account.  Make sure you copy-pasted the right code as given by Google for the specific engine you created.
  2. Wrong settings in your GCS account.  A common mistake is creating an engine with the wrong domain or pattern.  google custom search not working
  3. To verify that your domain settings are right, go to and click on the public URL link.  If your search works in that URL, then your backend/domain settings are correct.
  4. If the Public URL link is not working, click on the respective engine name and go to the “Sites to search” section.  Verify that the Site(s) don’t have any custom search not working
  5. If you are worried about Ads that are shown in Google custom search, you can remove ads from GCS by paying 9$ per month.

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