Using Expertrec Advantages over Bing or Google Search APIs

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Search is a critical part of any website as it helps users find relevant information quickly. While many websites rely on popular search engines like Bing and Google to power their search functionality, Expertrec offers specialized search APIs that provide superior user experience and business benefits compared to generic search engines. With Expertrec’s feature-rich search solutions, websites can enhance discovery, increase engagement, and boost conversions.

Fast and Relevant Results

One of the key advantages of using Expertrec is the high-speed and relevant search results it provides. Expertrec indexes website content in real-time, ensuring search indexes are always up-to-date. When users search on a site powered by Expertrec, they get lightning-fast results within milliseconds. This enhances the user experience tremendously. In contrast, generic search engines may take longer to return results as they need to crawl websites periodically and index huge amounts of Internet data.

Expertrec also understands the content and business goals of each website deeply. It uses advanced semantic search and Natural Language Processing techniques to match user intent precisely and deliver the most relevant results on the top. For example, an e-commerce site using Expertrec can prioritize product pages with higher conversions or reviews in search results. This level of relevance is difficult for generic search engines to achieve for specific websites and domains.

Personalized Search Experience

Expertrec collects anonymous user behaviour data with their permission and leverages it to personalize the search experience. It recognizes user locations, previous searches, and click patterns to surface better-suggested queries and ranked results. For instance, if a user from California is searching for “yoga pants,” Expertrec may prioritize local yoga gear stores in search results compared to a user from New York. This type of personalization at an individual level helps users find what they need quickly. In contrast, regular search engines offer generic search boxes without any customization options for websites.

Boosting Conversions

Websites powered by Expertrec can influence user behaviour and intentions in the search phase itself to increase conversions. For example, an e-commerce merchant using Expertrec can prominently display “add to cart” buttons within product search result tiles. They can also suggest additional complementary products to users based on past purchases. These conversion optimization features are not available through existing search engines. Expertrec also provides actionable search analytics to merchants. With metrics like popular search queries, average positions of product pages, and click-through rates, merchants can continuously refine search and merchandising strategies to drive better outcomes.

Multi-Platform Support

Being a custom solution, Expertrec is designed to integrate seamlessly with any website built on popular content management systems and commerce platforms. It provides dedicated connectors and APIs for platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and more. Setting up Expertrec search involves just a few clicks, and it works across desktop and mobile browsers. In contrast, using external search engines would require custom integrations and can cause technical challenges. The turnkey multi-platform support of Expertrec makes managing search simpler for websites.

Customizable Interface

Administrators have full control over how search results are displayed, and user experience is crafted with Expertrec. They can modify style layouts, add logos, and customize the look and feel of the search box and results pages as per their brand’s aesthetics. Additionally, advanced features like autocomplete, filters, related searches, and suggested queries can be switched on/off. It is not possible to customize search interfaces when using third-party search engines which offer a generic, one-size-fits-all solution. The flexibility to tweak interfaces according to business needs through Expertrec administrative panels adds to its appeal.

Multilingual Support

With Expertrec, websites can support intelligent search functionality for over 30 languages out of the box. It allows websites targeting global audiences to search content in languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and more to improve discoverability for international users. Expertrec also understands semantic meanings and relations between terms when translating queries. This broad language coverage is a significant advantage compared to mainstream search engines focusing only on major languages.

Real-time Indexing

Expertrec indexes website content, including dynamic and behind login pages, in real-time. Whenever new pages are added, or content is updated, it is immediately searchable without anylags. This gives users an up-to-date search experience and ensures high relevance. In contrast, general search engines may not recrawl pages for weeks, leading to outdated results. Expertrec’s always-on indexing saves time for editors and provides fresher search experiences to users.


In summary, Expertrec search APIs offer demonstrable advantages for websites compared to relying on generic search engines like Bing and Google. With fast, relevant results, personalized experience, conversion optimizations built-in, and high customizability, Expertrec enhances discovery and transforms user behaviour on sites. Backed by its dedicated support, Expertrec ensures a seamless search experience for users at all times. As search plays a vital role in digital experiences, Expertrec empowers businesses to leverage the full power of search and own the discovery in their domain.

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