How to track top search queries using Google data studio

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Here are easy to follow steps to track top search queries using Google data studio.

  1. Make sure you have enabled google site search tracking in google analytics using query parameter. Have a look at this article on how you can set up site search tracking.
  2. Login to Google data studio from
  3. Click on start new report (the + sign).
  4. Click on create new data source.
  5. In connectors, choose google analytics .
  6. Click add to report.
  7. Click on add a chart-> Table with bars
  8. Click on the table and under dimension choose ” search term
  9. Under metric, choose “users”
  10. Add a date filter control to your report . Go to insert -> date range . Under default date range , you can give “last 30 days”.
  11. This is how the google data studio report looks like.


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