Exploring the Top 5 Alternatives to Tagalys in 2024

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In the world of custom search engines for websites, the choice of the right solution can significantly impact user experience and engagement. Tagalys, a popular option, faces competition from various alternatives, each offering unique features and benefits. These Tagalys alternatives might offer greater affordability, advanced features, in-depth customization, or a focus on specific needs like personalization or merchandising.  Here, we will explore the top 5 Tagalys alternatives, which are a perfect fit for your eCommerce business.


Expertrec stands out as the clear leader among Tagalys alternatives. With Expertrec, businesses gain a highly customizable search engine that can be tailored specifically to their needs. Businesses can define facets, filters, and the overall search interface using simple options in Expertrec’s intuitive administration panel.

Expertrec then delivers lightning-fast searches across websites and complex catalogues. Its advanced algorithms understand user intent and return highly relevant results within milliseconds. This ensures an extremely smooth search experience for users.

More importantly, Expertrec employs advanced personalization and machine learning techniques. It analyzes each user’s behaviour and search patterns to deliver even more tailored results with every interaction. Over time, Expertrec comes to truly understand individual users and can predict what they are looking for. This level of personalized search has been shown to significantly increase conversion rates.

Due to its high performance and personalization capabilities, many large enterprises across industries such as e-commerce, media, and manufacturing have adopted Expertrec as Tagaly’s alternative to power their search functions. Expertrec indexes billions of products and pages to enable intuitive discovery on sites with catalogues in the millions. Its robust yet easy-to-use features make it the top alternative for businesses looking to upgrade from Tagalys.


Swiftype is another leader in the custom search engine space and a popular Tagalys alternative. While its performance is on par with Expertrec, its interface focuses more on advanced administrative controls ideal for large B2B websites.

Some key strengths of Swiftype include its highly configurable search facets that allow businesses to group filter options in intuitive buckets. Administrative controls give granular access to fields, synonyms, spelling corrections and more. Swiftype also integrates smoothly with major CMS platforms like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Its robust APIs enable seamless integration of search into existing sites and workflows. Advanced analytics tools provide insights to optimize search and merchandising over time.

Swiftype is especially suited for complex B2B sites with high volumes of technical documentation, product listings, support articles and other content. Its powerful backend tools help companies with elaborate catalogues stay in control of the search experience.


While also capable of powering traditional websites, Algolia stands out for its strong API-first approach and support for mobile and JavaScript applications.

Its lightning-fast and highly scalable APIs empower search experiences across any platform or device. Companies commonly use Algolia to power performant searches for mobile apps, public APIs or integrated experiences on partners’ sites.

Compared to Tagalys alternatives, Algolia demands less manual configuration and gets new sites search up and running within minutes. Self-hosted plans also enable data sovereignty for sensitive industries.

Advanced features like geospatial search and automatic typo tolerance further augment core search capabilities. Algolia’s easy integration and “lights-out” operations make it well-suited for organizations with dynamic catalogues and product requirements.


Elasticsearch is the most popular open-source search engine, capable of supporting endeavours of any scale. It is most suitable for technical teams who want full control and flexibility.

Elasticsearch is highly customizable, supporting advanced queries, aggregations and a wide range of plugins. For large enterprises, it can power enterprise-wide site search and analytics use cases. Advanced features include real-time indexing, predictive search, and integration with Kibana for visualization.

However, Elasticsearch requires considerable DevOps resources. Administrative controls are more barebones compared to proprietary offerings. It also lacks out-of-the-box e-commerce-specific capabilities like faceted navigation.

Still, for its open-source extensibility and scale, Elasticsearch remains an excellent Tagalys alternative solution for custom on-premise or cloud-based search infrastructure in large organizations.


Coveo specializes in complex internal search scenarios common in large enterprises. It supports advanced federated search, shining for initiatives requiring consolidation of siloed data sources.

Coveo as a Tagalys alternative boasts impressive natural language and conversational interfaces that make search intuitive for diverse end-users. Admins can tune relevance scores to prioritize specific result types. Its machine learning and recommendations aid discoverability.

Coveo also handles multimedia formats and unstructured data better than most competitors. Its analytics provide actionable insights into intranet usage and content gaps.

While pricey, Coveo remains the premier choice for companies seeking to rationalize cluttered employee experiences or enable search-powered digital transformations. Its feature-rich tooling makes it very applicable to intricate internal platforms.


As e-commerce and content volumes grow exponentially online, search is becoming ever more critical to the digital experience. These top Tagalys alternatives demonstrate how modern custom search engines can empower personalized navigation, exploration and discovery across business platforms. When considering alternatives to Tagalys for a custom search engine solution, Expertrec emerges as the top choice due to its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and exceptional performance. By leveraging Expertrec’s capabilities, businesses can enhance their website’s search functionality, engage users effectively, and drive conversions seamlessly.

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