eCommerce Customer Journey Optimization: Ways to Improve It

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A brand’s customer experience is underlined by each instance of its interaction with the brand. Have you ever heard of the eCommerce customer journey? It is the process that the customers go through from the moment they are introduced to your brand, to their going through your website, till they make a purchase and their after-purchase experience. eCommerce customer journey optimization can have a remarkable impression on your business. eCommerce customer journey optimization is an effective use of the customer journey by making it smooth, which helps to increase digital sales.

Why eCommerce Customer Journey is Important?

To develop your business, you need to make sure eCommerce customer journey optimization is achieved for each customer interaction, your website should be easily navigable, and all the necessary information must be displayed for customers for a smooth purchase process without any resistance. Currently, there are innumerable online businesses that customers can choose from. Most retailers are focusing on digital business and don’t have a physical store, which is why they are required to provide the service that leads to eCommerce customer journey optimization. The buyer’s experience needs to be smooth and satisfying. You need to take the responsibility to provide ultimate fulfillment to your customers.

A customer’s purchase might be the most significant for your business, but successful conversion depends on your customer’s all-inclusive experience. What are the factors that are to be considered to ensure customer journey optimization? Many things decide on that experience, such as how quickly your eCommerce website works, whether your site supports various mobile devices, how convenient your checkout process is, and so on. It also includes customer services, advertising your website, and communication with your customers. eCommerce customer journey optimization is based on the overall experience, which encourages buyers to make purchases more than once if they are satisfied with your service. The stages of the customer journey include recognition, consideration, possession, retention, and advocacy.

How to Improve the eCommerce Customer Journey?

Some tips to improve your digital customer journey are –

1. Using On-Site Marketing Messaging

On-site marketing messages can be useful to increase the fear of missing out among customers, which is a very significant sales driving force. Showing the buyers, the number of products left in stock or how many people are eyeing that particular product adds a sense of urgency among the customers which in turn may help to increase the conversion.

2. Optimization for Social Proof

What do you understand by social proof? How exactly does it work? Social Proof works by reassurance. When people are assured that their purchase decision is the right one and that other buyers have been satisfied with the same decision.

Customer reviews and responses are extremely helpful to convince other people to buy your products. Reviews are proof that your product is purchased by others who are satisfied with the service. Social Proof may also work by showing the availability of your product, if most of the stock is sold out, potential buyers may rely on your brand and make their first purchase.

3. Use of eCommerce Countdown Timers

Offering free delivery or delivery the day after ordering, hosting a clearing sale, and so on? Make sure to let your customers know the time limit of the deal. Countdown Timers can be used to give the customers a push that they need to complete the purchase. They offer a reminder that the deals will end after the deadline and the buyers are likely to make the purchase sooner.

Further use of promo codes and discounts on purchases of a certain amount will persuade the buyers.

4. Emails to Recover Online Sales

Make sure to obtain as many emails as you can because one email costs around $100 to retailers. Possession of a visitor’s email can ensure the initiation of a new relationship, and allow you to send timely emails. There are different ways brands can get permission from their buyers to send them emails. With proper permission from customers, the following uses of emails can be beneficial.

  • Cart Abandoned e-mails
    Did the customer leave something in their cart and didn’t check out? Make use of cart abandonment emails to remind them of the items they have added to their cart.
  • Browse Abandonment e-mails
    When someone checks your site but doesn’t make any purchase, send them a mail to show them items and offers, if available, on those products to make them visit your eCommerce site again.
  • Cross-Sell e-mails
    Make sure to prioritize your existing customers. For those who have already purchased from your site, send them emails to let them know about other products that you have to offer.

5. Improving the User Experience

Your priority should be to make certain that your site is user-friendly. Place yourself in the position of the buyer, and think about how you want to buy items online, what factors would make a customer journey smooth and pleasurable, and add all of those to your online platform. Autofill and save-for-later options are always appreciated by customers, filling out details can be a task. So these will help the checkout process to be quick and increase the chances of the customers making the purchase. Various payment options can also pace up checkout, and some companies also provide purchase now and pay later to various brands worldwide. Assure that your site is optimized for mobiles because the majority of the population owns a smartphone, thus will help to increase mobile conversions.

To Sum up

While working towards increasing customer satisfaction, you need to focus on basic requirements like convenience, helpful workers, and speedy service. These will ensure you gain positive responses from your customers. You have to give priority to the customers’ demands. Doing proper research on your customer journey will be helpful for you to provide better services where needed. You have to focus on incorporating technology that will provide a better experience, along with focusing on trends. A smooth customer journey will benefit your eCommerce website by increasing sales.

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