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Bing site search

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Bing site search- And there are thousands of customers across the globe who are using this product and it’s very competitive and it’s so easy to set up a quick site search experience using big custom search API.

So bing custom search, it is a part of cognitive services, as most of you are familiar with, cognitive services ecosystem. And we have several APIs in cognitive services. And here is where you will go to understand more about all the search APIs, what we offer. You go to> cognitive services where we have all these search APIs listed. And if you click on Bing custom search API, you will see developer guide pricing information and also you can try for free. We are offering 1000 free queries for developers to try it out as well. And we offer great support through StackOverflow forums.

How easy it is to set up a custom search experience.

bing site search

What is custom search like?

Why would it why wouldn’t be something that I use and how would I use it? Absolutely.

Custom search is an ad-free product. And it’s very easy to use. It allows you to alter the results to the bottom. It does at any given time just by allowing you to change any parameters what you want as part of your custom, such instance.

You can use custom search in multiple ways.

  1. One is as a site search where you just need to add a specific site. You want to see Sofie’s results for your users and that’s it. That’s all it takes to create a site search experience.
  2. And you can also use it as a vertical search. Where you can search is nothing but a topic based search. Let’s say, for example, if you are setting up a news company or a travel company, all you need to do is just add information about new sites or travel-related sites. And that’s it. That’s all it takes to create a vertical search experience.


So start from I already logged in using my Microsoft account and you can log in using it out of dot com or other email accounts. And this is how the admin portal will look like. And what I’m going to do for this demo is create a new instance and I’m going to show you how easy it is to set up a site search experience.

An instance is like a new container for doing search. Exactly. So you are just having it as an admin portal. You just create a new search instance where you are adding specific sites you want your users to see the results from, and that’s what you will do from this admin.

So now what I’m going to do for this demo is I’m just going to call instance as a test instance. I wanted to show and now I said, next up, what I’m going to do is I’m going to add a specific site. I want to enable a site such experience for my users. So, for instance, I’m just going to say This is where I want to start phase results from my users and to test whether it’s working or not. I’m going to say, for example, azure function. So this is the keyword. So as you see here, as soon as I typed in do functions as the keyword, I see all the results at here. What happened on the back end is already bing index, is so powerful. We obviously, most part of the Bing index and we know that and use it when they’re performing a search for abjured functions.

So this is literally like a search that comes from bing that you’re harnessing for your own Web site. Exactly. OK. So now it’s not just one side you can add. Currently, we all go up to 400 sites. You can add up to 400 sites. Do your own custom search instance. I see. And deliver results for you to use as one leave from those sites.

And also, instead of you manually typing all the sites, if you have this list of sites in a notepad, you can always use the bulk upload functionality. What we have in order to upload a list of web sites to your customer search instance. And this is pretty cool because let’s just say you have a network of blogger, right? And you want to have a unified search across there. Right? You do it. You just add all those Web sites and this custom search will return results from all absolute cool.

Blocking results

So the other key thing is, you know, if you don’t want to show certain results for your users, you can always use the blocking functionality. Think of certain Inforum results must be annoying for some of your users. Then you wanted to block those results if you choose to do that. You can always use the blocking functionality. And for this example, I’m just going to block this specific site from appearing to my end-user. So I’m just blocking. This specific site here and now when I did finish this query, what’s going to happen is this specific site that I blog is not going to show in my custom search results. And that’s what you see here. This is cool though, like the blocking, like it makes sense because let’s just say you’re a public Web site, but you allow people to put comments. Right. You don’t necessarily want that to be a reflection of what people search for.


We also have other functionality such as pinning.And we also have other great functionality called spinning. Spinning is nothing. But you have an option to being a specific site to appear at the top of your to solicit. So you show only relevant results that really that customer really wants to see. So I’m going to say, for example, you know, I wanted to just sad face this specific resultset. Let’s say, for instance, general feedback, top ideas. I wanted to pin this specific site to the top of my to search results set for this particular query. Now, when I did finish this specific query dome as few functions, what’s going to happen is because I pin this particular site to appear at the top of my results and that’s what do you see here. So pinning is so useful if you have multiple products and you want to do during the holiday season, if your company wants to start phases out, end product at the top, you can always use spending for that and maybe even like for any kind of search you want.

The most of your information to you is this you can give it the order of what? Can you give it the order for everything that shows up?

Exactly. So you have an option to customize the results at how what do you want? And also, this product allows you to change the site aside. You can always boost decide. You can also be more. You can read rank. You can change the order of ranking as well.

And we have an option. Other things. What you can do is you have an option to rename an instance.

You can also clone an instance. Let’s say if you’re a sports company having multiple sports products, you wanted to create your own site, search for those products. You can always clone an instance rather than recreating and entering a bunch of information again.

How do you actually put this on your Web site? Exactly.

That is where I’m going to go next. Awesome. Now, there are multiple ways a user can make use of this custom search API. One, we offer an API endpoint. What we do is we return. Jason responds and you can take the data on and then make your own presentation. There. We also offer the hosted UI free of cost. I’m going to show you how we are returning the Jason response. So you get an idea. Cool. OK. So in order for me to show that, I need to copy the subscription keys and this is the best subscription. Do what? What I obtain. And that is where I encourage the developer community to go sign up for free. So you can test it out yourself. Now, I’m going to, for example, enter analytics as that query and then make an API call.

As you see instantly. You can see the days on response, which you can take and make your own presentation later on. Lot of companies are the beauty of product is it’s not just for a particular segment. We have many startups to a mid-size, to an enterprise level companies using our APIs and some of the companies, they don’t have a lot of dev resources, so they don’t want to invest time in building their own presentation layer. That is where those customers are using the host anyway option. Right.

So with hosting UI, we are as I say, they’re saying earlier, we are offering hosted UI free of cost and there are multiple things customers can do. They can choose a different layer. However, they want to separate data outside. In this example, I’m going to show us the layout which has a search box cutter. And then we also have different color teams. You can choose between dark sky blue and classic themes and you have an option to place what kind of text you wanted to avoid in your search box. So I’m just going to say in this example, as you’re.

Your dot com source, for instance, because that is the site I just added and I’m going to say I just want to show one 70 cents per page and then I can choose a page title, I’ll say, here, search your dot com.

can also add a logo to it so that it’s easily, you know, you can have your own company logo. I’m just going to I already have a logo. You are copied.

I’m going to put it here.

As you see, as soon as I make changes on the left site, I can see the changes reflecting on that. Right. This is not the actual results yet, but it will give you a sense of how is. The search page will appear. And now I can choose a different toolbar theme. And before I hit Save, I need the subscription keys again. So I’m going to copy the subscription key from your. And he’d say no. I said, do you mean that? How can I consume this, you know, that are multiple of ways you can consume the UI. One is you can use the JavaScript snippet and better as part of your application experience. And what we do is we identify each custom configuration with a unique custom config item. So that is all being will know that this specific search experience as far as your dot com because that is what I added to my site search. And like that, we issue custom configuration I.T. for all the instances customizable setup. And so you can either use this JavaScript snippet art. You can also use the h._t._m._l endpoint. And now I’m going to show you by clicking this link how quickly I was able to set up a nice site search experience.

So here we go. So this is the site search experience I created using the hosted UI option with adding as you dot com to my site. And as you can see here, this is the text I originally entered in my hosting UI option. Now I’m going to use, for example, analytics.

As you see the distils, it is just from the dot com, and this is such a nice experience we have created by using that hosted UI in less than few minutes, and that’s pretty amazing because I mean you have the option of getting something out there quickly, right?

Or you can use the API endpoint and make something that looks like it belongs in your site. Exactly. So here’s a question. Do we inject add into this?

So as I was saying earlier, this is an +S free product and that is what a lot of customers are getting attracted to because, you know, for instance, when I’m browsing Usera inside and one of the things personally as I use it for me is it’s annoying how I get so many ads and a lot of people who may not be interested in seeing ads on their applications, on their search experience. And that is where we have a custom search as a differentiated in the industry today. And many companies or many customers across the world are moving to this product because one of the key benefits benefit factor for them is it’s coming up with ads free and also aid allows them to customize their results. However, they will choose.

Yeah, I liked this because if I have a search that I want to do right, I can literally just do this. Yeah, like we spoke longer than it took to do this and then get an API endpoint look like it belongs in my site. Yeah, exactly. And this is a part of a subscription. How do you pay for this?

This is currently you can sign up for free and then we as long as you have a subscription idea you just need to sign up for a subscription idea and then start consuming it. Know we are offering $4 and we are charging $4 per thousand transactions and for customers and we have a great support mechanism as well. Not only that, we are constantly learning and evolving, obediently need customer feedback. And it’s not just we create product and put it in the market. We are very mindful of getting feedback from the developer community. And then what we want to do is we have a backlog of a feature request that’s been asked by several customers and we have constantly evolving our product in the next three to four months. We are going to launch additional functionalities as a part of our being customers, which is awesome.

Well, thanks so much for spending some time with us. Thanks so much for watching. Make sure you take a look at custom search down if you want to get started or just you being custom search will be able to find on Azraq.

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for having me sit. Awesome. Thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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